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Best Gifts for Abigail in Stardew Valley — Unveiling the Key to Her Heart

Abigail is a beloved character in the charming world of Pelican Town. With her distinctive purple hair, adventurous spirit, and love for all things mysterious, she has captivated the hearts of many players. 

One way to deepen your connection with the spirited Abigail is by giving her gifts. In this article, we will explore the effects of gifting on friendship, the significance of birthday gifts, and the different categories of gifts in terms of Abigail’s preferences.

Abigail's Background and Character Description

Abigail, the daughter of Pierre and Caroline, is a free-spirited young woman who stands out from the crowd with her unique appearance and vibrant personality. 

Stardew Valley - Abigail of Stardew Valley

Her purple hair and taste for unconventional fashion make her an instantly recognizable character in Pelican Town. Often found exploring the town’s outskirts, Abigail possesses an adventurous spirit.

Abigail's Role in Pelican Town

In Pelican Town, Abigail resides with her family in the general store. She can often be found wandering around the town or visiting the local tavern. 

Abigail’s passion for adventure extends beyond her appearance, as she dreams of exploring distant lands and battling mythical creatures. Her love for the game “Journey of the Prairie King” reflects her desire for excitement and the unknown.


Presenting gifts to Abigail is an excellent way to nurture your friendship with her. Each gift has the potential to affect your relationship positively, bringing you closer to Abigail and uncovering more about her unique personality. 

Stardew Valley - gifts for Abigail

By understanding her preferences and selecting thoughtful presents, you can strengthen the bond between your character and Abigail.

Effects on Friendship

When you give Abigail a gift she loves or likes, it will result in an increase in your friendship points with her. 

These points contribute to the overall friendship level, which can unlock special events and interactions. Abigail will also respond with gratitude and affection, demonstrating the positive impact your gift has had on your relationship.

On the other hand, offering gifts that Abigail dislikes or hates will have the opposite effect. These gifts will decrease your friendship points, potentially straining your bond with her. 

Birthday Gifts

Abigail’s birthday is a special occasion in Stardew Valley [1], and it presents a prime opportunity to express your fondness for her. Abigail’s birthday falls on the 13th of Fall, making it a date to mark on your in-game calendar.

Stardew Valley - Abigail accepting gift

Taking the time to discover Abigail’s favorite items and surprising her with a birthday gift she loves can result in a substantial increase in friendship points, specifically an 8x multiplier. It showcases your attentiveness and thoughtfulness, making her feel cherished and valued.

Categories of Gifts

Abigail, like other characters in Stardew Valley, has specific preferences when it comes to gifts. The game categorizes gifts into different groups based on how Abigail reacts to them. Understanding these categories can help you choose the most suitable presents to strengthen your bond:

Love (+80 Friendship Points)

Gifts falling into the “Love” category are Abigail’s absolute favorites. When presented with these items, she will express genuine delight, leading to a significant increase in friendship points. The gifts she loves include All Universal Loves, Amethyst, Blackberry Cobbler, Pufferfish, Pumpkin, Banana Pudding, Spicy Eel, and Chocolate Cake.

Like (+45 Friendship Points)

Gifts in the “Like” category are well-received by Abigail and contribute positively to your friendship. Although they may not have the same impact as her favorite gifts, offering items she likes will still earn you friendship points. The gifts she likes include All Universal Likes (excluding Vegetables), and Quartz.

Neutral (+20 Friendship Points)

The “Neutral” category consists of gifts that neither significantly increase nor decrease your friendship points. These gifts don’t have a strong impact on Abigail’s feelings toward you but can still be given as a gesture of goodwill. 

Stardew Valley - Abigail loves gift

Her neutral gifts are All Universal Neutrals, Common Mushroom, Dandelion, Daffodil, Chanterelle, Hazelnut, Ginger, Leek, Purple Mushroom, Magma Cap, Snow Yam, Morel, Winter Root, and All Milk.

Dislike (-20 Friendship Points)

Gifts falling into the “Dislike” category will result in a decrease in friendship points. Abigail may express disappointment or dissatisfaction when receiving these items. It’s advisable to avoid gifting her these items unless you’re intentionally looking to reduce your friendship level. 

The gifts she dislikes are All Universal Dislikes (excluding Clay and Pufferfish), All Fruit (excluding Fruit Tree Fruit), All Eggs, All Vegetables, Wild Horseradish, and Sugar.

Hate (-40 Friendship Points)

Stardew Valley - clay farming

The “Hate” category represents gifts that Abigail detests. Offering these items will significantly decrease your friendship points and can strain your relationship. It’s best to avoid giving her these gifts altogether. 

The gifts she hates are All Universal Hates (excluding Sugar), Holly, and Clay.


Gifting is an integral part of nurturing relationships in Stardew Valley, and Abigail’s preferences play a crucial role in deepening your bond with her. 

By selecting gifts from the Love and Like categories, and avoiding those from the Dislike and Hate categories, you can cultivate a strong friendship with Abigail, unlocking special events [1] and enjoying meaningful interactions in this charming farming simulation game.

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