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What Hitbox is Best for the Ford F-150 on Rocket League?

Many have asked what is the best hitbox for the Rocket League Ford F-150 and we’re here to answer that! 

In this guide, we’ll show all the exclusive details you need to know about Ford F-150 and more.

What is the Rocket League Ford F-150 Hitbox?

The Ford F-150 in Rocket League will have a brand-new hitbox called Octane. Its hitbox is similar to the one used by professional players. 

You can use this new hitbox if you want to make your car stand out. A majority of expert Rocket League players will surely utilize this. 

There are also additional hitboxes for different vehicles available for the Ford  F-150. Any hitbox, including Octane, is compatible with this model.

What Hitbox is the Ford F-150

Examples of these are Breakout, Hybrid, and Regular. Hybrid is excellent for air dribbling since its hitbox extends past the nose of vehicles. 

This hitbox is useful for aiming the ball toward the car’s nose when it is in the air. You may download the MyEarlyGame app and utilize it to personalize your F-150 if you want to.

What is the Best Car Hitbox on Rocket League?

In Rocket League, there are many different kinds of vehicles [1], yet none of them has an ideal hitbox. The hitbox of a car should roughly mirror the model of the car it is built on. 

It may be more challenging to determine the trajectory of the ball when certain hitboxes are significantly wider than others. Here are some recommendations for the ideal car hitbox for your demands. 

F150 HitBox

The length of a car’s hitbox is one of the most crucial considerations when selecting the best car for your play style. Both cars with long and short hitboxes are available. 

Playing with a car you enjoy is the best method to decide on the ideal one. For different car types, there are several distinct hitboxes. Some of them are taller than others and provide greater customization possibilities.

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