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Rocket League Server Locations — Your Quick Guide

Rocket League is a competitive video game developed by Psyonix. It combines the classic game of soccer with driving skill, allowing players to battle it out in intense, fast-paced matches. The game has become so popular, it now has its own professional esports scene.

One of the keys to the game’s success is its dedicated servers. These servers are located in different regions around the world, allowing for low-latency gaming experiences for players. 

In this post, we’ll discuss the different Rocket League server locations so you can find the best one for your region.

What are the Different Rocket League Server Locations?

When playing Rocket League online, players can find matches on different regional servers. If you choose the right region, your connection speed and ping will be better. 

If you opt for the “Recommended” option, it will automatically show you the one with the best connectivity. This is also usually the closest region. These are the regional maps and hosted regions you can choose from:


rocket league server location



Asia SE-Mainland

Asia SE-Maritime

Middle East

rocket league server locations

Asia East


Why is It Important to Know the Different Rocket League Server Locations?

It is important to know the different Rocket League server locations because it can affect the quality of your gaming experience. 

Different servers [1] have different connection speeds and ping times, so choosing the right region can make a huge difference in terms of game performance. 

Additionally, the server location you choose will determine the players you are matched with, so it pays to know which regions are best for finding good matches. By choosing the right server, you can ensure a more stable connection, better performance, and more enjoyable matches.

rocket league server locations regions


Rocket League has become one of the most popular esports titles in the world, and its dedicated servers have played a big part in that success. 

By understanding the different Rocket League server locations, you can ensure the best possible gaming experience, with low-latency connections and better performance. With the right server, you can have a more enjoyable and competitive match experience!

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