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Royale High Private Server

Royale High is a popular Roblox game with millions of players. However, there are a limited number of private servers that exist for the game. 

In this post, we’ll list some of the best Royale High private servers so you can keep playing even if the official servers are down.

What Are Some of the Free Royale High Private Servers?

These are existing private servers for Royale High that can be found in the internet.

But, they may expire shortly if the owner of the private server discontinues the monthly renewal charge or if the developer discontinues the activity of the private servers entirely. With that stated, here is a list of free Royale High Private Servers:


All of these private servers are produced and shared by kind gamers in order for others to join them via YouTube and Fandom sites. 

As a result, all credit goes to their respective owners. If you want to host your own private server, you must purchase one for 100 Robux. Then you may invite other gamers to join you by sharing the link. If you don’t want to share the link with everyone, you may make it ‘only friends’ or even restrict it to select Usernames [1].

How to Find Low-Population Servers?

If you want to discover an extremely lonely server, there is a relatively simple way to achieve so, but it only works on a PC and the Google Chrome browser. 

Simply download the BTRoblox – Making Roblox Better Extension and activate it. This is a secure plugin with over 2 million users. It is really common, but you do not be concerned about viruses or any malicious downloads.

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Scroll down to the Servers section on the Royale High Roblox website. When you activate the plugin, you’ll see a pagination enabled at the bottom, allowing you to input a number into the textbox. 

Enter a number close to the maximum number of pages and press the enter key on your keyboard. If you set the limit too high, you’ll have servers with no players that don’t operate.

Continue inputting numbers until you locate servers with only one person. When you click the join button, you should be in a server with only that player. 

You may now do whatever you want for a short while without being bothered. Other people may end up accessing your server, but you should have a calm time before that happens.

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