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Where to Find Sinistea in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: Expert Tips

The world of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is rich with captivating creatures to catch and train. While many Pokemon enthusiasts might be focused on assembling their dream teams, there are specific creatures that hold unique significance. One such Pokemon is Sinistea. 

In this article, we share the ways to find and capture Sinistea in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, explore its role in completing the Paldea Pokedex and aid in the evolution of Charcadet.

The Quest for Sinistea

As a dedicated Pokemon trainer, the quest for a complete Pokedex is often a driving force. Sinistea, while not a highly sought-after Pokemon for battling purposes, holds a special place in the Paldea Pokedex due to its unique characteristics.

Its inclusion is essential for players aiming to complete the Paldea Pokedex and mark their mastery over the diverse Pokemon world. However, Sinistea’s significance continues. 

To further enhance its importance, players must capture and defeat ten Sinisteas. This task is crucial for obtaining Sinistea Chips, a currency required to acquire the Malicious Armor.

Sinistea's Elusive Hideouts

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While many Pokemon can be found throughout the expansive landscapes of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Sinistea proves to be a rare gem with limited spawning areas. 

The game’s creators have strategically placed Sinistea in just two specific locations, making its discovery an exciting challenge for players.


Notable Features

Zapapico Area

Spawns near a half-dead tree outside of town (east of Zapapico East Poke Center)

Bottom Left Corner

Near a late-game gym on Victory Road storyline

Zapapico's Teacup Hunt

In the Zapapico area, Sinistea can be discovered close to a half-dead tree near the Zapapico East Poke Center. However, players should be aware that spawns of Sinistea are relatively infrequent in this location.

This scarcity of spawns may prompt players to explore alternative locations to encounter this elusive Pokemon.

Chasing Sinistea in the Bottom Left

finding sinistea

An alternate and promising location to encounter Sinistea is within the bottom left corner of the map. Situated near one of the final gyms along the Victory Road storyline, this region holds the potential for significant Sinistea encounters. 

Here, players are tasked with capturing Sinistea and defeating them to accumulate Sinistea Chips – a vital resource for acquiring the coveted Malicious Armor.

Gearing Up with Malicious Armor

The Malicious Armor is a sought-after item within the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet universe. Acquiring the Malicious Armor directly results from players’ success in collecting Sinistea Chips for trading. 

Players can trade 10 Sinistea Chips to a woman in Zapapico and she’ll give you Malicious Armor.

Once the armor is obtained, players unlock new possibilities within the game. This attainment marks a significant milestone and encourages players to shift their focus to evolving Charcadet into the exclusive Ceruledge.

The World Beyond Sinistea

sinistea pokemon game

While Sinistea takes the spotlight due to its rarity and role in evolution, the Pokemon universe is brimming with exciting additions. Notable introductions include Greavard and Finizen, each contributing to the game’s depth and variety. 

These additions present players with fresh challenges, unique gameplay mechanics, and thrilling rewards, encouraging them to explore the ever-expanding world of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Patience and Persistence Pays Off

Successfully locating Sinistea requires a blend of patience and persistence. Players are advised to clear out specific areas to increase the likelihood of Sinistea spawns. 

Additionally, utilizing items that boost Ghost-type Pokemon spawns can enhance the chances of encountering Sinistea and collecting Sinistea Chips.

The Rarity of Sinistea

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The rarity of Sinistea’s appearance adds to its allure within the Pokemon community. Its popularity is amplified by its crucial role in evolving Charcadet into Ceruledge, making it a highly desirable Pokemon among players. 

As the player base recognizes the unique value of Sinistea, its presence becomes more prominent in the quest for Pokedex completion and evolution.

Sinistea’s scarcity is a defining characteristic, contributing to its sought-after status. The locations where Sinistea can be found are intentionally limited, fostering an environment of exploration and curiosity. 

As stated,  the two exclusive areas where Sinistea spawns are the late-game region in the bottom left corner of Paldea and the vicinity of Zapapico East.

Mastering the Sinistea Hunt

Sinistea’s inclination to appear near ruins and urban settings is well-aligned with its in-game behavior. Upon encountering one Sinistea, players may notice increased spawns in the vicinity.

battle sinistea

This phenomenon facilitates the accumulation of Sinistea Chips, streamlining the process of obtaining the Malicious Armor.


Finding Sinistea in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet [1] involves intrigue, persistence, and discovery. Beyond the immediate goal of Pokedex completion, Sinistea holds a vital role in the evolution of Charcadet and the acquisition of the Malicious Armor. 

As players traverse the landscapes of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, they are encouraged to keep a vigilant eye out for Sinistea’s unique appearance. The pursuit of Sinistea and the collection of Sinistea Chips contribute to a richer gaming experience, driving players to explore and appreciate the intricacies of the Pokemon universe.

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