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Street Fighter 6 Unleashes Rashid and Teases Roster Expansion

Capcom has announced the first DLC addition to Street Fighter 6, introducing Rashid to the game on July 24. Rashid can be obtained through the Year 1 Character Pass, and players who own the Deluxe or Ultimate Edition already have access to him.

Capcom has introduced the “Rashid Arrives” Fighting Pass to celebrate Rashid’s arrival. It includes a Rental Fighter ticket, allowing players to try out Rashid for an hour before deciding to purchase him. 

It also offers avatar gear, emotes, new music, photo border, cellphone wallpapers, stickers, and title art. Capcom considered player feedback and ensured free rewards were still available alongside optional purchases.

Rashid, known for his laid-back personality and love for technology, debuted in Street Fighter V. However, Street Fighter 6 presents an updated character version with significant changes. While maintaining his accessibility, Capcom promises key differences in Rashid’s gameplay, focusing on mobility.

Street Fighter 6 - Rashid

Rashid’s new move, Arabian Cyclone, is a spinning kick that creates a small whirlwind. This move enhances his neutral game and combo potential. It seamlessly transitions into other powerful moves, reminiscent of his V-Skills from Street Fighter V.

Another new ability, Arabian Skyhigh, is a double-jump move that confuses opponents trying to predict Rashid’s landing spot. Combined with the Side Flip and Front Flip techniques, Rashid becomes one of the game’s most agile characters. His V-Trigger I from Street Fighter V has evolved into Ysaar, his Level 2 Super in Street Fighter 6.

Alongside Rashid, Capcom has teased future additions to the Street Fighter 6 roster, including AKI, Ed, and Akuma. Although release dates for these characters have not been disclosed, fans can anticipate their arrival, further diversifying the game’s combat experience.

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With Rashid’s introduction, Street Fighter 6 prepares to deliver an exciting chapter in the iconic fighting franchise. His tech expertise, wind-based abilities, and enhanced mobility promise electrifying battles and new gameplay dynamics [1] for seasoned players and newcomers. 

As the world of Street Fighter awaits, the stage is set for the next evolution of fierce combat.

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