Diablo IV’s Season Of The Malignant News

Diablo IV’s Season of the Malignant Beckons Players with New Perils and Powerful Rewards

In an eagerly anticipated announcement, Blizzard Entertainment has unveiled the details of Diablo IV’s upcoming season, aptly named the Season of the Malignant. Starting on July 20, this new season promises compelling content to plunge players deeper into Sanctuary’s dark and treacherous world.

The Season of the Malignant introduces an engrossing questline after the primary campaign. Players will face the severe threat of Malignant Monsters, vile creatures born from the insidious corruption wrought by the evil Lilith. 

As the chosen hero, you will embark on a perilous journey alongside a former priest named Cormond to eradicate the source of this sinister blight. Defeating these twisted creatures rewards players with corrupted hearts imbued with immense power. 

Harnessing these malignant abilities allows players to transform their heroes, granting them up to 30 new devastating powers. These newfound powers can be imbued into Rings and Amulets to enhance their prowess further, creating a unique and personalized playstyle.

Diablo IV’s Season Of The Malignant

The Season of the Malignant also introduces an imposing new boss, Varshan the Consumed, who lurks in the depths of Sanctuary, ready to test the mettle of daring adventurers. Players can strive to acquire six new Unique items and unlock seven Legendary aspects, ensuring a wealth of powerful equipment to aid them in their battles against the forces of darkness.

Furthermore, players can earn prestigious rewards, including a Mastery title and a Scroll of Amnesia, granting a rare chance to reset their Skill Tree and Paragon Board for further customization and experimentation.

Other Diablo IV Community Updates:

A new seasonal character must be created to participate in the Season of the Malignant, commencing from Level 1. All Renown progress, Altars of Lilith benefits, and unlocked mounts are retained for the duration of the season. At the conclusion, characters transition to the Eternal Realm, granting permanent access to them.

The Season Journey unfolds multiple chapters, providing players with a rich, immersive experience. By completing objectives in these chapters, players earn Favor, which progresses the battle pass. 

Diablo IV

With 90 tiers, including 27 free tiers for all players, the battle pass offers Season Boosts. The 63-tier Premium track is available for those seeking exclusive cosmetics with optional tier skips.

Progressing through the battle pass also rewards players with Smoldering Ashes, a currency that can be exchanged for Season Blessings. These unique bonuses, ranging from increased XP [1] gain to improved chances of obtaining valuable salvage materials, bestow powerful advantages upon seasonal characters throughout the season.

Whether you are a seasoned hero or a newcomer to Sanctuary, Diablo IV’s Season of the Malignant promises an exciting and challenging journey, offering fresh opportunities to customize and evolve your character. 

Prepare to face the terrors born from Lilith’s corruption and claim your place among the legends of Sanctuary. The darkness awaits, and the world’s fate lies in your hands!

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