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Phasmophobia Unveils “Ascension” Update: A Complete Overhaul of Ghost-Hunting Adventure

In an electrifying twist for fans of the multiplayer ghost-hunting sensation, Phasmophobia, Kinetic Games has announced the impending launch of the game’s most monumental update to date—”Ascension.” 

This highly anticipated update, Progression 2.0, is set to go live on Thursday, August 17th, and is poised to redefine the fabric of the paranormal adventure landscape.

While the core premise remains familiar—form a squad of courageous ghost hunters and utilize an arsenal of tools to decipher paranormal activity—the Ascension update propels the game into an entirely new echelon of excitement. 

The changes and enhancements that await players are so transformative that the progression journey will reset to ground zero, albeit with a twist.

Under the new progression system, players will commence their ghost-hunting escapades from level zero. However, the update introduces the concept of Prestige 1, ensuring that hard-earned unlocks such as maps and difficulty settings from prior versions are retained. 


This innovation levels the playing field and rewards seasoned investigators with a distinctive badge to signify their achievements before the reset.

As eyes delve deeper into the update’s heart, its enhancements’ depth unfolds. Character and ghost models undergo a rejuvenating metamorphosis with fluid animations, breathing life into every specter encounter. 

The once-familiar ghost-hunting vehicle receives a thorough overhaul, revamping the experience from when players step into their phantom-chasing machine. The promise of fresh challenges and riveting evidence injects the game with renewed vigor. 

Investigatory tasks and evidence collection take a compelling turn, keeping players on their toes as they navigate eerie environments searching for the supernatural.

Moreover, the update introduces an assortment of new locations and interactions, expanding the frontiers of exploration. Weather and lighting effects forge an immersive atmosphere, amplifying the adrenaline-charged tension that defines Phasmophobia’s essence.

Phasmophobia gameplay

Perhaps the most anticipated aspect of Ascension is unveiling new ghost types, each with unique characteristics and enigmas to unravel. Players are equipped with an array of new gear to confront these spectral entities head-on. 

The equipment itself receives a transformative upgrade, categorized into three tiers. These tools evolve from flashlights to EMF [1] readers as players progress through the revised leveling system, offering heightened efficiency and effectiveness.

The spotlight shines on the D.O.T.S. Projector, a vital tool in the ghost-hunting repertoire. The reimagined projector spans three tiers, each unlocking new capabilities and range. 

While the Tier 1 variant resembles a flashlight-like laser grid pen, the Tier 3 iteration boasts a sweeping range that bathes entire rooms in light. For the first time, players must position the projector close to the ghost to accurately discern its silhouette, adding an unprecedented layer of strategy to encounters.

As the update unfolds, equipment shifts from a count of 20 to an impressive 60, thanks to the expansion and tiering of gear. The game’s foundations may remain intact, but its mechanics, content, and strategic depth undergo a profound metamorphosis.

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While the complete patch notes for the Ascension update remain under wraps, the tantalizing snippets unveiled thus far promise an upheaval worth experiencing for die-hard fans and newcomers alike. 

As the launch of the Xbox Series X/S and PS5 versions of Phasmophobia looms on the horizon this month, gaming enthusiasts have an exciting spectrum of ghostly adventures to anticipate. The ghost-hunting landscape is about to ascend to uncharted heights, leaving a trail of spine-tingling tales in its wake.

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