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Desynced: A Fusion of Automation and Strategy, Now in Early Access

Forklift Interactive has unveiled “Desynced,” a captivating production strategy game, on Steam Early Access today. Seamlessly blending automation, base-building, and real-time strategy (RTS) elements, “Desynced” challenges players to repair their spaceship while navigating an enigmatic world.

Set against an unfamiliar realm, players assume control of a fleet of drones with a singular mission: to gather resources and transport them to processing facilities to mend their spacecraft. 

What sets “Desynced” apart is its revolutionary “automation without belts” premise. The game boasts an intricate drone programming system that empowers players to fine-tune their drones’ autonomy, enabling advanced multitasking.

While the game leans heavily into automation, it doesn’t stop there. The ” Desynced ” RTS [1] facet adds depth to the gameplay by requiring players to defend their factory from external threats. This dynamic feature enhances the challenge and introduces a new layer of strategic thinking.

Desynced trailer

The gaming community has recently witnessed a surge of interest in indie automation games, yet some, like avid gamer Zoey Handley, remain on the sidelines. 

Zoey admits her fondness for genres that thrive beyond the mainstream gaming spectrum and her attraction to management games. However, she’s wary of losing herself in the immersive experience and struggling to transition to her professional gaming responsibilities.

“Desynced” debuts on PC through Steam Early Access, beginning a new chapter in the game’s journey. Stage Games Inc., the publisher behind the title, envisions a year-long Early Access phase to fine-tune and refine the gameplay based on player feedback. 

As “Desynced” ventures into uncharted territory, the fusion of automation, base-building, and RTS elements promises an engaging gaming experience for enthusiasts.

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