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New Twitch Feature Gives Streamers More Control Over Viewership

In a recent update that is set to bring significant changes to the streaming landscape, Twitch has unveiled a game-changing feature that empowers streamers to dictate who can access their live broadcasts. This pioneering feature will be gradually rolled out, with full accessibility expected for all streamers come September.

Prominent Twitch streamer Lowco first announced via their Twitter account, which excited the platform. The essence of the update is succinctly captured in Lowco’s tweet: “HUGE TWITCH UPDATE: When you block or ban someone, they’ll no longer be able to view your stream!”

Delving deeper into the details, the feature is designed to grant streamers the autonomy to activate or deactivate it at their discretion. Once activated, its effects are instantaneous. The unwanted viewer will be promptly removed if a streamer decides to ban or block a user during an ongoing stream.

Notably, this innovation does not extend to prohibiting banned or blocked users from revisiting previously streamed content. Viewers will still be able to watch VODs [1] and clips, ensuring that the historical accessibility of content remains intact.

Twitch ban patch notes

While this update signals a considerable step forward in streamer-viewer interactions, it’s essential to clarify that it does not entail IP bans. This means that users could circumvent the block by logging out of their current account or creating a new one.

In a recent Twitch patch_notes episode released on August 16, 2023, Trevor Fisher, the senior product manager at Twitch, expounded on the rationale behind this feature. He revealed that they had actively sought feedback from a spectrum of streamers. 

Although the current implementation doesn’t include IP bans, Fisher acknowledged the possibility of augmenting the feature’s potency in response to user feedback over time.

This development speaks to Twitch’s ongoing commitment to fostering a more personalized and comfortable streaming experience for content creators and viewers. As the feature gets integrated and user feedback is gathered, the evolution of this innovation could potentially reshape the dynamics of the platform.

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