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League of Legends Wild Rift Tier List V4.3

League of Legends: Wild Rift has taken the gaming world by storm with its mobile-friendly adaptation of the beloved MOBA. As players dive into the rift to battle it out for supremacy, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of champions is crucial. 

In this article, we present a comprehensive tier list that categorizes champions across different roles to help you make informed choices on the battlefield.

S-tier Champions: Dominating the Rift

In the fast-paced world of Wild Rift, some champions stand head and shoulders above the rest. These champions possess exceptional kits that allow them to excel in various scenarios, making them a go-to choice for many players. Among the top-tier picks for each role are:

Top Lane S-tier

Jungle S-tier

Mid Lane S-tier

ADC S-tier

Support S-tier

A-tier Champions: Solid Choices for Success

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While S-tier champions dominate the spotlight, A-tier picks are no less formidable. These champions can turn the tide of battle with their versatility and strong kits. Consider these champions as you craft your winning strategies:

Top Lane A-tier

Jungle A-tier

Mid Lane A-tier

ADC A-tier

Support A-tier

B-tier Champions: Niche and Situationally Strong

While not as universally dominant, B-tier champions can still be potent in the right hands and situations. Experiment with these choices to find your playstyle and niche:

Top Lane B-tier

Jungle B-tier

Mid Lane B-tier

ADC B-tier

Support B-tier

Top – Ornn: A Resilient Titan

Despite a minor nerf to his passive, Ornn retains his position as one of the most potent Baron laners. His resilience is amplified by the introduction of the new Overgrowth rune, which allows him to stack his max HP, rendering him nearly indestructible in the late game. 

LoL Ornn

This patch, countering Ornn, proves to be a challenging task.

Jungle – Kayn: First Strike Dominance

Kayn maintains his title as the premier Jungler, now bolstered by the First Strike rune in this patch. This addition not only amplifies his damage output but also grants him extra gold, expediting his core item purchases. 

Mid – Zed: Shadowy Roamer's Ascendance

Zed’s ascension to dominance is fueled by buffs to his core items, Youmuu’s Ghostblade and Serpent’s Fang. These enhancements increase his attack damage and armor penetration, turning him into a formidable roamer with potent early-game prowess. 

Bottom – Ezreal: Arcane Marksman's Empowerment

Ezreal emerges as a force to be reckoned with due to an array of buffs. Increased attack damage, a damage boost, and attack speed to his primary ability, Mystic Shot, elevate his early game. 

LoL Ezreal

Although his laning phase is not without challenges, Ezreal’s improved poking ability enables him to secure leads more effectively. Additionally, a 10-second reduction to his ultimate’s cooldown turns him into a late-game powerhouse.

Support – Soraka: Divine Transformation

Soraka undergoes a noteworthy rework that grants her the ability to spam Astral Infusion without compromising her own health pool. This transformation solidifies her status as an exceptional pick in this patch, enabling her to offer unparalleled support and healing to her team.


This tier list is meticulously curated from high-elo gameplay [1], serving as a valuable reference for players across all levels of expertise. If you’re relatively new to the game, consider selecting champions with simpler mechanics. 

While our current tier list encompasses all roles, Wild Rift’s nascent state limits comprehensive data on lower ladder brackets.

LoL gameplay

In each role, we feature a suggested champion that aligns with the current meta for swift results. Easier champions possess a lower skill floor, facilitating quick integration into your gameplay. 

On the other hand, mastering more complex champions with higher skill floors necessitates time investment and practice in normal matches before embarking on ranked battles.


Remember that even if your cherished main champion isn’t in the meta spotlight, proficiency and comfort with a champion can yield significant performance gains. Skill familiarity often outshines raw meta adherence, contributing to your overall success on the battlefield.

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