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Illari Emerges as the Turret Master in Overwatch 2’s Latest Season

In a surprising turn of events within the Overwatch 2 community, a new hero named Illari has risen to prominence as the reigning turret master, overshadowing even the famed Torbjorn in turret-based gameplay. 

With the launch of Season 6, Overwatch 2 players are reveling in a fresh wave of content, and amidst this wave, Illari has emerged as a force to be reckoned with.

The latest season has brought many exciting additions to the game, including captivating PvE [1] missions and a novel battle pass adorned with captivating Omnic-themed skins. While these introductions have invigorated the Overwatch 2 experience, Illari, the game’s newest support hero, has managed to steal the spotlight.

Known for her celestial prowess and formidable rifle, Illari is poised to make her mark in the competitive arena. Her impressive damage output is one notable aspect that has thrust her into the limelight. 

Overwatch 2 Illari gameplay

Armed with a hitscan shot, Illari can unleash 75 points of damage to opponents’ bodies, effectively asserting her dominance over DPS heroes and supporters.

Contrary to the conventional trade-off between damage and healing capabilities, Illari strikes a harmonious balance. Her turret’s healing pylon exudes an astonishing amount of support, emanating healing waves to allies in its proximity. 

Astonishingly, Illari’s pylon proves to outshine even Torbjorn’s cherished creation – his trusty turret. Illari’s prowess extends beyond just healing. 

A remarkable revelation, brought to light by a vigilant Reddit user VoltaiqMozaiq, showcases that Illari’s pylon surpasses Torbjorn’s turret in terms of healing output, effectively allowing her to neutralize the threat posed by the latter while staying within the pylon’s range. 

This exceptional healing capability couples with her sharpshooting prowess, enabling Illari to eliminate Torbjorn’s turret from afar with just three well-placed shots.

Overwatch 2 Illari

As the news of Illari’s accomplishments spread, the Overwatch 2 community has resoundingly embraced her as the new turret master of the hero shooter realm. Nostalgia for Torbjorn’s traditional turret has been overtaken by admiration for Illari’s innovation. 

An intriguing twist adds to her allure – players have noticed that Illari can gain ultimate charge by harnessing the turret’s damage for healing, cleverly turning Torbjorn’s creations against him.

The future holds anticipation for potential adjustments by Blizzard to balance Illari’s remarkable abilities. 

For now, however, Illari has captured the hearts of Overwatch 2 players, establishing herself as the turret champion and leaving Torbjorn’s legacy temporarily overshadowed. As the game evolves, so does the community’s affection for Illari and her turret-based reign.

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