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Backlash Erupts Among Overwatch 2 Community Over New D.Va Collab Skin Resembling Previous Design

In an unexpected turn of events, Overwatch 2 players are voicing their discontent regarding the latest addition to the game – the Gentle Monster D.Va Bundle. 

This bundle, created in collaboration with the Korean eyewear brand, offers players a combination of in-game items, including a Legendary skin, a highlight, an icon, a card, and a charm. However, the Legendary Skin has sparked controversy among the community.

The main point of contention lies in the design of the “Gentle Tokki Fuchsia (Legendary) Skin.” Players have taken to social media and online forums to highlight striking resemblances between this new skin and a previously released D.Va skin – the EDM D.Va skin. 

A Reddit user going by the handle “grxief” shared a side-by-side comparison, highlighting similarities from color schemes to specific design elements, including D.Va’s shorts.

Overwatch 2 The Gentle Monster D.Va Bundle

Critics of the new skin dub it a “lazy re-skin.” They are disappointed that collaborating with a prominent brand like Gentle Monster didn’t yield a more unique and distinguishable cosmetic. The bundle, priced at 2600 Overwatch 2 Coins, roughly equating to $25, has led players to question whether the investment is justified for what they perceive as a recycled design.

While some players have acknowledged the subtle differences in the new skin, the overall sentiment within the Overwatch 2 community leans toward frustration. Fans had anticipated a collaboration of this nature to deliver a fresh and innovative design that truly captures the essence of the game and the brand.

Blizzard [1], the developer behind Overwatch 2, has not officially responded to the growing backlash. It remains to be seen whether the community’s feedback will prompt any changes to the D.Va skin or if the controversy will impact future collaborations and in-game offerings.

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