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Atlus’ Etrian Odyssey Series Makes its Debut on PC and Switch with the Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection

Atlus, renowned for its beloved Persona and Shin Megami Tensei franchises, has now brought its lesser-known gem, the Etrian Odyssey series, to the PC and Switch platforms. 

The eagerly anticipated Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection has finally arrived, offering fans of dungeon-crawling JRPGs a chance to embark on epic adventures on their preferred gaming devices.

The collection, available on Steam and the Switch eShop, comes with a price tag of $80, which might raise a few eyebrows. However, considering the bundle includes three individual games initially priced at $40 each, the overall value becomes evident. 

These HD remakes of the original Etrian Odyssey titles from the Nintendo DS era have been meticulously crafted, making them an enticing proposition for longtime fans and newcomers alike.

Etrian Odyssey is a series that embraces old-school sensibilities, featuring first-person, turn-based dungeon-crawlers that deliver a hardcore and immersive gameplay experience. 

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Delving into treacherous labyrinths, players will navigate these problematic dungeons one tile at a time, relishing the challenge. The games demand meticulous attention to detail, as players must painstakingly map out every aspect of the dungeon, including walls, traps, treasure chests, and enemies.

However, for those who prefer a more streamlined experience, adding an auto-mapping feature brings convenience to modern players.

With a myriad of intricacies such as party management, elaborate skill trees, and an unapologetically steep difficulty curve, the Etrian Odyssey series has gained a dedicated following akin to the cult status of the acclaimed Darkest Dungeon. 

Random encounters and formidable adversaries mean there are countless ways to meet one’s demise, adding to the game’s reputation for punishing players.

Nevertheless, for those willing to embrace the challenge or who relish the teeth-kicking nature of JRPGs, the series offers an immensely satisfying sense of progression that keeps players returning for more.

Etrian Odyssey game characters

One of the most enticing aspects of the Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection is the quality of the PC ports, as indicated by early Steam reviews. Players can expect a smooth and enjoyable experience, enhancing the series’ transition onto the platform.

For those eager to dive into this dungeon-crawling adventure, it’s worth noting that while the collection offers all three games, many enthusiasts recommend starting with the third installment, widely regarded as the best in the series, before exploring the others. 

However, potential players should be aware that these games have zero chill, especially if they have only experienced the PC ports of Persona 3 Portable, 4 Golden, or 5 Royal, as the Etrian Odyssey titles are notorious for their severe difficulty.

With the arrival of the Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection on PC [1] and Switch, Atlus has opened the gates to a broader audience, allowing new and returning adventurers to immerse themselves in these captivating dungeon crawlers. 

Brace yourselves for an unforgettable journey through perilous mazes, where triumph awaits those who dare to venture into the depths of the Etrian Odyssey series.

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