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Epic Games Teams Up with Nike for a Unique Fortnite Collaboration, Offers Real Merchandise and In-Game Cosmetics

In an exciting collaboration, Epic Games and Nike have joined forces to introduce a captivating partnership between Fortnite and the renowned sports brand. 

This groundbreaking collaboration, named “Airphoria,” not only brings new Nike Air Max-themed skins and cosmetics to the Fortnite gaming experience but also offers fans the opportunity to purchase real-world merchandise inspired by the popular game.

The merchandise lineup for this Fortnite x Nike collaboration is diverse and caters to both virtual and physical preferences. For fans seeking to showcase their love for Fortnite outside of the gaming world, Nike has introduced a range of stylish apparel. 

Fortnite customize skin

The collection showcased standard Fortnite x Nike Air Max T-shirts, a long-sleeve tee featuring the Fortnite x Nike Air Max design, and T-shirts featuring the distinctive Airphoria logo. These standard T-shirts are priced at $35, while the long-sleeve shirt is available for $40.

Within the Fortnite game itself, players can immerse themselves in the collaboration by purchasing unique Nike Air Max-themed outfits featured in the item shop. These outfits include the eccentric Maxxed Out Maxx, a character crafted entirely from shoes, and the plastic-fantastic Airie.

Additionally, players can acquire two sneaker-themed pickaxes and a glider that takes the form of a pair of Nike Air Maxes. The Nike Air Max outfits are bundled together and can be purchased for 1800 V-Bucks, while the gear can be obtained individually or as a bundle for 1300 V-Bucks.

Fornite NIKE collab

Beyond the enticing range of digital and physical merchandise, the Fortnite x Nike collaboration extends its reach to the game’s Creative mode. Players who venture into the Airphoria map and spend a minimum of ten minutes exploring its immersive environment before June 27 are set to receive a complimentary Nike Air Max 1 ’86 back bling as a token of their participation.

The Fortnite x Nike collaboration offers an unparalleled fusion of virtual and real-world experiences, allowing fans to express their passion for both Fortnite and Nike in a tangible and interactive manner. 

With its diverse range of merchandise and captivating in-game cosmetics, this brand collaboration [1] is set to captivate gaming and fashion enthusiasts alike. Don’t miss your chance to embrace the Airphoria phenomenon and secure your exclusive Fortnite x Nike gear before it’s gone!

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