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Rumors Swirl as Genshin Impact Studio Teases a New Casual Simulation Game, Drawing Comparisons to Animal Crossing

In an exciting development for fans of casual games, rumors have emerged suggesting that the renowned studio behind Genshin Impact, known as HoYoverse, is working on a new project that bears similarities to the beloved franchise Animal Crossing.

The speculation began when a Twitter user by the handle UBatcha shared intriguing information about HoYoverse’s next venture. According to the leak, the studio is currently engrossed in developing a “casual simulation style game.” Naturally, enthusiasts quickly drew comparisons to The Sims, a popular life simulation franchise, upon hearing the mention of a simulation game

Fueling further speculation, Twitch streamer SipSipStefen claimed to have shared an initial sneak peek of HoYoverse’s supposed life simulation game. Unfortunately, the post has since been removed due to a copyright strike, rendering it inaccessible to eager viewers. 

A copyright strike suggests that the drawn image may have contained genuine content related to the rumored game.

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HoYoverse [1], however, has not released an official statement either confirming or denying these rumors. While fans anxiously await an announcement from the studio, the now-unavailable image shared by the Twitch streamer lends credence to UBatcha’s initial claim that HoYoverse is indeed working on a casual game.

Amid these speculations, it appears that HoYoverse has its hands complete with the overwhelming success of their recent releases, Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail. 

Despite its relatively recent launch earlier this year, Honkai: Star Rail has already surpassed the impressive milestone of 20 million downloads within a single day, showcasing the studio’s prowess in capturing the attention of gamers.

With the anticipation building, fans of both Genshin Impact and Animal Crossing eagerly await further updates from HoYoverse, hoping for an official confirmation about the rumored casual simulation game. Until then, enthusiasts can only imagine the delightful possibilities in this new addition to the studio’s impressive repertoire.

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