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Ellen Ripley Joins Dead by Daylight Universe in Highly-Anticipated Alien DLC

In a thrilling announcement that has set the gaming community abuzz, Behaviour Interactive has finally unveiled the long-awaited expansion for Dead by Daylight, introducing the iconic Ellen Ripley as the game’s newest survivor. 

This bold move promises to deliver a fresh wave of suspense and excitement to players while introducing innovative gameplay mechanics for survivors and killers. Perhaps the most intriguing revelation is introducing an entirely new map area exclusively accessible to killers. 

This unique landscape features a network of seven control stations strategically placed throughout. Killers can manipulate these stations to gain entry to a complex system of underground tunnels, granting them unprecedented mobility to navigate beneath the surface and emerge at different vantage points across the map. 

This innovation promises to revolutionize the killer experience, offering opportunities for surprise attacks and strategic positioning.

The Xenomorph’s compelling “Runner Mode” power adds to the tension. This ability allows the formidable creature to move silently on all fours, shrouding its movements in an aura of eerie stealth.

Dead by Daylight

The incorporation of Runner Mode reflects a deliberate shift in focus for the game, with developers [1] aiming to cultivate a heightened sense of genuine fear and unease, setting it apart from the franchise’s more lighthearted offerings.

Janick Neveu, the game designer behind this groundbreaking expansion, shared insights into the creative process. “Designing the Xenomorph’s Tunnel system presented us with a unique challenge, as we had never ventured into the realm of sub-levels exclusively accessible to the Killer,” Neveu explained. 

“This innovative mechanic not only enhances the Xenomorph’s map-wide maneuverability but also encapsulates the essence of suspense that the original character exudes.”

However, not just the killers benefit from these dynamic additions. Survivors also find themselves empowered by the new mechanics. The control stations allow survivors to interact and utilize a novel tool introduced with the Alien DLC: the remote flame turret. 

Ingeniously positioned around the map, these turrets can be activated strategically to disrupt the killer’s Runner Mode power, providing a temporary advantage. Yet, the turrets are not without vulnerability; they can sustain damage from the killer’s attacks or overheat, necessitating timely repairs to maintain their efficacy.

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