Final Fantasy XIV Reopens Its Gates: Welcome Back Campaign for Returning Adventurers

Final Fantasy XIV has unveiled its “Welcome Back” campaign for long-absent players in an exciting turn of events. As the buzz continues to build around this year’s Fan Fest, where the highly-anticipated expansion, Dawntrail, was announced alongside thrilling collaborations and the game’s debut on Xbox, a reward awaits those who have patiently bided their time.

Effective immediately and running until the end of August, players who have refrained from subscribing for 90 days or more are granted a chance to dive back into the realm for a generous span of 14 days, free of charge. 

True to form, the 14-day countdown commences when a player logs in within this timeframe. This intriguingly implies that an adventurer returning on August 30 could potentially relish their journey well into September. 

One small caveat: the countdown triggers upon the initiation of game updates, underscoring the importance of a stable internet connection to capitalize on the available playtime fully.

FFXIV log in campaign

Slightly deviating from the norm of a 30-day dormant subscription requirement, this promotional offer encourages players to reignite their passion after a 90-day hiatus. This, unfortunately, leaves those who have only recently discontinued their subscription without the same benefit. 

While it would have been a welcome treat for active subscribers to receive additional complimentary days, the allure of 14 free days is undoubtedly a compelling incentive for those who meet the criteria.

As avid adventurers contemplate their return, it’s a prime opportunity to reacquaint themselves with the game’s central narrative. With the impending release of Dawntrail [1], players will need to traverse through the narrative introduced by Endwalker’s successive patches to immerse themselves in the expansion’s marvels fully. 

Capitalizing on this chance to reconnect ensures that players will be suitably prepared for the journey ahead.

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Of course, there’s no wrong path to tread in this expansive virtual world. From mastering the Triple Triad card game to indulging in the latest fashion trends, the options are as diverse as the player base. It wouldn’t be an overstatement to suggest that almost 95% of players share a similar sentiment.

Prospective adventurers should note that this gratifying period of free exploration is not extended to newcomers. Nevertheless, the lauded free trial offers an abundant taste of the game, granting aspiring heroes a limitless window to traverse its realms, albeit with certain restrictions. 

The upcoming accessibility to Stormblood for trial players adds another layer of excitement, enriching an already vast gaming experience.

Eager adventurers can embark on their virtual journey via PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5, with Xbox Series X|S users eagerly awaiting their chance to join the ranks shortly after the game’s 6.5 patch launch.

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