Arkane Austin to Remain Operational Despite Redfall’s Mixed Reception, Says Xbox Head

In a recent interview with Axios, Matt Booty, the Head of Microsoft Studios, addressed concerns surrounding the future of Arkane Austin following the underwhelming launch of their latest game, Redfall. 

Despite the game failing to meet expectations among critics and players, Booty assured fans that the studio would continue its operations, at least for now.

Responding to fans who expressed hopes for Arkane Austin’s longevity despite Redfall’s initial reception, Matt Booty [1] stated, “That is the plan right now. They are hard at work on updates and continued content for Redfall.” This announcement relieves many who feared that the studio might face closure following the game’s disappointing performance.

While Booty admitted feeling accountable for Redfall’s lackluster response, he highlighted the positive engagement the game has received on Xbox Game Pass. He acknowledged that Redfall was a miss but emphasized the importance of supporting the studio as they strive to deliver their vision for the game. 


Booty’s optimism regarding the future of Arkane Austin suggests that Microsoft remains committed to the studio’s growth and continued development efforts.

Arkane Austin, known for their innovative and immersive game experiences, has captured players’ attention with titles like Dishonored and Prey. Redfall, a cooperative first-person shooter set in a vampire-infested open world, aimed to build upon the studio’s reputation for unique gameplay mechanics and atmospheric storytelling. 

However, the game’s release fell short of expectations, leading to concerns about the studio’s future projects. Despite the initial setback, Booty’s statements convey Microsoft’s confidence in Arkane Austin’s capabilities and commitment to the studio’s creative endeavors. 

As the team at Arkane Austin diligently works on updates and new content for Redfall, fans can anticipate ongoing support and improvements to enhance the player experience.

It remains to be seen how Arkane Austin will evolve following Redfall’s mixed reception, but for now, the studio can continue pursuing its passion for crafting compelling gaming experiences. With the backing of Microsoft Studios, Arkane Austin can learn from this experience and emerge stronger, potentially delivering captivating titles in the future.

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