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Lobster in Stardew Valley — Catch the Finest Delicacy

Stardew Valley, a beloved farming simulation game, offers players many activities, including fishing. Lobsters are a prized and versatile catch among the bountiful aquatic creatures you can catch.

This article will explore the world of lobsters in Stardew Valley, their characteristics, applications, and how they enhance your gaming experience.

Overview of Lobster in Stardew Valley

Lobsters in Stardew Valley are large, vibrant crustaceans with their signature bright red color and distinctive claws. These creatures can be found in any saltwater area during all seasons and are highly sought after by fishermen.

How to Obtain Lobster Through Crab Pots

Players must place crab pots and place bait inside to catch lobsters. Note that to catch a lobster through crab pots, you must place the crab pot in saltwater.

Gifting the Lobster in Stardew Valley

Villager Reactions to Lobsters

Lobsters make exceptional gifts for various villagers in Stardew Valley. Each villager has their preferences, and giving them lobsters can produce a positive reaction, boosting their friendship levels. Some villagers may have a higher affinity for lobsters than others.

Lobster in Stardew Valley


The Fish Tank in the Community Center allows players to complete bundles by contributing specific items. Lobsters can be utilized for Stardew Valley’s Crab Pot Bundle, where they serve as a valuable addition.

Players can progress towards restoring the Community Center and unlocking additional features by providing a lobster.


Recipe Name



Recipe Source

Sell Price

Lobster Bisque

1 Lobster, 1 Milk

Energy: 225 Health: 101

The Queen of Sauce Year 2, 14 Winter
Willy, 9+ friendship level through mail


Maki Roll

1 Lobster, 1 Seaweed, 1 Rice

Energy: 100, Health: 45

The Queen of Sauce Year 1, 14 Summer
Stardrop Saloon- 300 gold


Quality Fertilizer

1 Lobster, 2 Sap


Farming Level 9

10g per unit


1 Lobster

Energy: 75, Health: 34

Linus, 3+ friendship through mail


Lobster Bisque

Lobster Bisque is a delectable dish that can be cooked using lobsters and milk. Consuming Lobster Bisque provides an energy boost of 225 and increases health by 101.

This recipe is unlocked by watching The Queen of Sauce Year 2, 14 Winter and befriending Willy with a 9+ friendship level. The dish can be a valuable source of sustenance. Lobster Bisque can be sold for 205g, making it a profitable culinary creation.

Maki Roll

Learning to make maki roll stardew valley

The Maki Roll is a popular sushi dish incorporating lobsters, seaweed, and rice. By consuming a Maki Roll, players receive an energy boost of 100 and an increase in health by 45.

This recipe can be learned by watching The Queen of Sauce Year 1, 14 summer, as well as purchasing the recipe at Stardrop Saloon for 300 gold, allowing players to enjoy the flavors of the ocean in a convenient and nutritious form. Stardew Valley’s Maki Rolls can be sold for 220g, providing an additional source of income.

Quality Fertilizer

Lobsters can also be used to create Quality Fertilizers, a valuable item for improving crop yields. By combining 2x Sap and 1x Lobster, players can produce Quality fertilizers, which can be used on crops to increase their quality.

It can be sold for 10g per unit, offering a modest financial return.


Sashimi is a simple yet satisfying dish that comprises only lobsters. Consuming Sashimi grants an energy boost of 75 and increases health by 34.

This recipe is obtained from Linus through befriending him and improving the friendship level to 3+, and it can be an excellent way to utilize excess lobsters. Selling Sashimi can earn players 75g per dish, making it a viable option for generating income.

Fish Pond

fish pond stardew valley

Players can establish a sustainable population by placing lobsters in a Fish Pond. Lobsters have a high reproduction rate, making them ideal for creating a thriving aquatic ecosystem on your farm. The Fish Pond can hold up to 10 lobsters.


Quest Name



Wanted: Lobster

Deliver 1 Lobster to Gus

600g, Friendship ↑

Fish Pond Quests

Various missions involving the Fish Pond

Quest-specific rewards

Gus's "Wanted: Lobster" Quest

Completing Gus’s “Wanted: Lobster” quest rewards players with 500g and increases their friendship with Gus. 

Various quests in Stardew Valley may involve lobsters and the Fish Pond mechanics, allowing players to further expand their gameplay [1] experience.


Lobsters in Stardew Valley are a valuable catch and a versatile and multi-purpose item. From gifting to cooking, crafting, completing bundles, and engaging in quests, lobsters enhance the gameplay experience.

So, grab your crab pots, head to the ocean, and explore the wonders of lobsters in Stardew Valley!

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