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30XX” Launches Out of Early Access: Roguelite Excitement on PC and Nintendo Switch

In a moment that fans of the roguelite genre and classic platformers have eagerly awaited, Batterystaple Games has announced the official launch of their highly anticipated game ’30XX’ on PC, following a successful run in Steam Early Access. 

The exciting news doesn’t stop there; a Nintendo Switch version is also in the pipeline, promising gamers the chance to experience non-stop action at home and on the go.

Building upon the foundation set by its predecessor, ’20XX,’ ’30XX’ thrusts players back into an electrifying world as the protagonists, Nina and Ace. Emerging from a millennium-long slumber, the dynamic duo must once again rise to the occasion, battling their way through a world on the brink of collapse and unearthing its enigmatic fate.

With a fresh arsenal of features, ’30XX’ offers players two distinct modes to cater to their gameplay preferences. In the pulse-pounding Standard Mode, roguelite enthusiasts can dive headfirst into brutal action, tackling randomly generated levels and ferocious foes.

30XX on Nintendo Switch

On the flip side, the permadeath-free [1] Mega Mode allows for a more forgiving experience, ensuring that death is nothing more than a temporary setback. Both modes support solo play and local or online co-op, making it the perfect opportunity to team up with friends for an unforgettable adventure.

Nina and Ace bring their unique playstyles to the fray. Players can wield Nina’s N-Buster, unleashing devastating ranged attacks on mechanical adversaries, or opt for Ace’s A-Saber, a weapon of choice for up-close and personal melee encounters. 

The duo’s journey is punctuated by special weapon upgrades, enhancing the gameplay experience and providing ample opportunities for strategic experimentation.

Nina’s gameplay is elevated by 21 Buster Mods, enabling players to craft inventive attacks such as bouncing wall-splitters, rapid-fire death spirals, and more. Pushing the boundaries of customization, Nina’s Power Fusion empowers players to combine hard-earned Boss Powers, resulting in a stunning array of abilities that adapt to diverse playstyles.


On the other hand, Ace boasts impressive melee techniques, stringing together powerful moves like the Dolomite Link grapple-whip and the energy scythe Thanatos’ mid-air spin attack. The fluidity of these moves adds an extra layer of depth to the game’s combat mechanics.

One of the standout features of ’30XX’ is the Maker Mode, a creative playground allowing players to craft their levels. Developed by the team behind the popular Mega Man Maker fan project, this mode empowers players to conceive custom challenges and experiences. 

From intricate metroidvania-style levels to heart-pounding speed-running gauntlets, the possibilities are endless. Notably, these custom levels are compatible with the game’s PC and Nintendo Switch versions.

For those seeking a tailored experience, ’30XX’ introduces an accessible Assist Mode, enabling adjustments to enemy health, damage taken, and other variables. Conversely, the Entropy Cluster offers a dynamic difficulty scaling system, catering to players who crave an additional layer of challenge.

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