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27-Year-Old Pokemon Easter Egg Unearthed: Birth of Mew Linked to Series’ Inception

In a stunning revelation that has sent shockwaves through the Pokemon community, an elusive Easter egg has been discovered, shedding new light on the origins of the beloved franchise. 

Junichi Masuda, co-founder of Game Freak and currently serving as the “chief creative fellow” at The Pokemon Company, recently took to Twitter to casually drop a hint that has unraveled a 27-year-old secret.

The intrigue began when Masuda posted a seemingly innocent photo of a Japanese studio on July 5, accompanied by a caption that, when roughly translated, reads, “On the 5th of July, Pokemon was born in Japan, where Game Freak once lived.” 

Astute fans, like Pokemon enthusiast Lewtwo, were quick to notice the significance of this date within the Pokemon universe – it marked the discovery of the Legendary Pokemon Mew.


Researchers dug deeper into the Pokemon archives and stumbled upon an old data log from the 1996 Red and Blue Pokemon games. The log revealed a captivating entry stating that on July 5, in the depths of the Guyana jungle in South America, “a new Pokemon was discovered.” 

This enigmatic creature was later unveiled as Mew, and its official naming took place on July 10. Interestingly, another log entry on February 6 mentioned the birth of Mewtwo, supposedly from Mew. 

However, the ramifications of this revelation and its discrepancies with established Pokemon movie lore, such as in Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee, remain subjects of a separate investigation.

The significance of Masuda’s revelation cannot be overstated, as it establishes a previously undisclosed connection between the birth of the Pokemon series and the discovery of Mew. While Mew has made appearances in countless games and the franchise’s history has been extensively chronicled, the specific date of its discovery has remained concealed until now.

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Enthusiastic fans and scholars of the Pokemon universe are now abuzz with speculation, delving into the implications of this newfound information. Some hypothesize that the choice of July 5 as Mew’s discovery date might have been a deliberate homage by the creators, intertwining the series’s inception with the birth of one of its most mysterious and sought-after creatures.

Others wonder if this revelation could pave the way for new narrative developments within the Pokemon world. Could future games explore the deep jungles of Guyana or shed more light on the circumstances surrounding Mew’s discovery? The possibilities are tantalizing, sparking excitement and curiosity within the community.

This extraordinary Easter egg discovery is a testament to the dedication and passion of fans, who continue to uncover hidden secrets within the beloved Pokemon franchise [1] even after 27 years. The intricate tapestry of the Pokemon universe remains a constant source of fascination and surprises, capturing the hearts of both new and longtime fans alike. 

As the Pokemon community eagerly awaits further insights from Masuda or other key figures involved in the creation of the series, one thing is sure: the bond between fans and Pokemon continues to grow stronger with each discovery, reinforcing the enduring magic that began on that fateful day when Mew was unveiled to the world.

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