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Overwatch 2 Community Calls for Revamped Competitive System, Inspired by Valorant

In the Overwatch 2 community, a clamor has risen among competitive players, urging Blizzard Entertainment to reevaluate and revamp the existing ranking system. 

Dissatisfied with the limitations of the current structure, these players are looking towards a special feature from another popular game, Valorant, for inspiration and potential improvements.

Competitive Mode in Overwatch 2 stands as the ultimate proving ground for players as they strive to ascend the ranks each season and reach the pinnacle of their abilities. 

However, frustrations arise from the current system, mainly centered around the Bronze 5 rank—a position that has drawn the attention and criticism of passionate Overwatch 2 fans.

Overwatch 2 competitive mode

Bronze 5 is the most oversized SR (Skill Rating) bracket within the competitive landscape. Many players are stuck in this tier, with minimal opportunities for meaningful progress. The ranking system fails to reward higher-tier Bronze players while discouraging less proficient ones adequately. 

The Overwatch 2 community believes Valorant possesses an advantageous feature that could significantly enhance its competitive experience.

Inspired by Valorant’s tiered ranking system, which includes the Iron rank before Bronze, Overwatch 2 players have proposed replacing or supplementing the entirety of Bronze 5 with a new rank, such as Iron, Dirt, or Wood. 

This adjustment would provide Bronze 5 players with a more unambiguous indication of their progress within the rank, enabling them to gauge whether they are climbing or plateauing. 

Instead of relying on generic percentile-based messages like “you are higher than 66% of this rank,” players suggest implementing specific divisions within the new rank, such as Iron 3 to Iron 2, denoting progress above the 55% threshold.

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One Overwatch enthusiast expressed frustration, expressing that the lousy matchmaking holds them back and that they should be in Gold 3. Another player emphasized that an Iron rank would achieve a similar outcome, ensuring players losing rank due to this addition would perceive it as a setback. 

While discussions regarding the competitive system took on a more lighthearted tone, with suggestions like “Garlic Powder 5” or “Wet Cardboard 5” for potential new tiers, players also expressed interest in other aspects of Overwatch 2. 

Fan-made creations, like the much-requested Roadhog “God Father” bundle, garnered attention and support from the community. Additionally, opinions on the recently unveiled free $20 Mei skin remained divided among players, generating mixed responses.

As the Overwatch 2 community continues to advocate for an improved and competitive gameplay experience [1], including features inspired by successful systems from other popular titles, such as Valorant, could potentially inject renewed excitement and engagement into the highly competitive world of Overwatch 2.

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