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How to Breed Maw in My Singing Monsters

Delving into the enchanting world of My Singing Monsters offers players a chance to interact with unique creatures. Among the plethora of adorable and melodious beings, Maw stands out as a captivating double-element monster that adds charm to any island. 

Breeding this captivating creature might seem like a daunting task, but fear not! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to breed Maw, its rare counterpart, and even its epic version. Let’s embark on this musical journey together.

How to Breed Maw in My Singing Monsters

Breeding Maw doesn’t require intricate rituals or complicated concoctions. To bring forth the primary version of Maw, you’ll need to combine two essential monsters: Mammott and Toe Jammer. 

These critters can easily be procured from the marketplace for a mere 300 coins and 250 coins, respectively. With these creatures in hand, proceed to the Breeding Structure.

My Singing Monsters maw egg

Inside the Breeding Structure, place the Mammott and Toe Jammer monsters and await the harmonious outcome. Remarkably, the process takes just around 30 minutes. 

Compared to other monsters, Maw’s breeding time is swift, making it a joyful experience. However, for those who can’t wait, a shortcut is available: you can spend Diamonds to bypass the waiting time.

Breeding Maw's Rare Variation

While the classic Maw is delightful in its own right, the rare version offers a touch of distinction. To breed the rare Maw, the method remains the same: Mammott and Toe Jammer hold the key. 

Yet, there’s a catch. Rare Maw can only be bred during specific hours, adding an element of anticipation to the process. 

The breeding time is extended to an hour for the rare variant, a small sacrifice for a remarkable reward. For those who prefer a more expedited route, the Star Shop presents an alternative. 

My Singing Monsters breeding maw

The rare Maw can be acquired here for 750 Starpower, a valuable resource in the game. Consider your options carefully, as your choice could determine your path in the game.

Bred with Care: Rare and Epic Maw

For those seeking a more elusive experience, there are rare and epic variations of Maw. Rare Maw, while also requiring the pairing of Mammott and Toe Jammer, can only be bred during select hours. 

This version’s breeding time extends to a patient 60 minutes, offering ample time to prepare for the exciting arrival.

Epic Maw, however, stands as an exceptional being available only during Seasonal Events. Its creation demands a different combination for each island:

My Singing Monsters hatched maw

Exploring the Charms of Maw

Beyond the mechanics of breeding, understanding the nuances of Maw adds depth to the experience. Maw is a double-element creature that resides on Plant Island. 

Its unique vocalization, a captivating “deedeet” or “dee” in the Alto key, adds a delightful note to the island’s symphony. 

These musical inflections find their place in various compositions, enhancing the overall melody of the game. To nurture Maw’s happiness, consider choosing from a selection of items that offer a 25% boost in happiness. 

My Singing Monsters placing maw

Items like Pummel, Pango, Wild Bagpipe, Pipes of Cicado, and Dragoon Statue provide an environment that keeps Maw’s spirits high. 

Moreover, for those who seek personalization, there are five distinct skins for Maw, with the Sensory Furphones Maw being a permanent fixture in the store.

Enchanting Melodies of the Maw: A Unique Serenade

Voice Actor: Erick Desjardins (Primary), Dave Kerr (Occasional)

When it comes to the musical symphony of My Singing Monsters, the Maw stands as an auditory gem, serenading players with its distinct vocal prowess. 

Emitting a captivating “deedeet” or “dee,” this resonant melody emerges from its mouth, resonating in the enchanting Alto key. 

My Singing Monsters maw

This delightful tune often graces the D♯/E♭4 note range, imparting a dulcet tone that is both unforgettable and evocative. Notably, the Maw’s harmonious contribution varies across the diverse array of islands, enhancing the unique auditory tapestry of each realm.


In the vibrant world of My Singing Monsters [1], breeding Maw is a harmonious endeavor that adds beauty to your musical journey. The steps may seem simple, but the result is a charming creature that resonates with players and melodies alike. 

Whether aiming for the primary, rare, or epic versions, the journey to breed Maw is filled with anticipation, creativity, and a touch of magic. So, venture forth and let the symphony of Maw enrich your musical utopia.

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