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How to Breed Epic Humbug and Boost Your My Singing Monsters Collection

My Singing Monsters is a captivating mobile game that allows players to breed and collect adorable musical monsters in their own unique worlds. One of the most sought-after creatures in the game is the Epic Humbug. 

With its enchanting appearance and melodious tunes, breeding an Epic Humbug can be a rewarding experience for players. In this article, we will guide you through the steps to breed the Epic Humbug successfully, along with tips on maximizing your earnings and enhancing your gameplay.

How to Breed Epic Humbug in My Singing Monsters: Proven Combos

Breeding an Epic Humbug involves combining specific monsters to create unique offspring. Do note that breeding and buying the Epic Humbug is only limited to special events. Here are some proven combinations to help you add this delightful creature to your monster orchestra:

1. Cybop And Clamble Pairing

To start your Epic Humbug breeding journey, try combining the Cybop and Clamble monsters. Place them in the breeding structure of your choice and wait for the magic to happen.

With a bit of luck, you might be on your way to hatching an Epic Humbug egg! Do note that this is the working combination for breeding on Earth Island.

2. Whisp And Bellowfish Pairing

Another successful pairing in My Singing Monsters involves the Whisp And Bellowfish. These two harmonious monsters have the potential to create the Epic Humbug offspring.

Make sure to keep your island vibrant and filled with happiness to increase the chances of a successful breeding attempt. Do note that this is the working combination for breeding on Ethereal Island.

Enhancing Earning Potential: How to Place Torches In My Singing Monsters

Torches play a crucial role in My Singing Monsters as they enhance the earning potential of your monsters. Placing torches strategically across your islands can lead to increased income.

The more torches you have, the more your monsters will produce. Make sure to light up each island with torches to maximize your earnings.

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Boost Earnings By Placing Decorations

Decorations in My Singing Monsters not only add visual charm to your islands but also contribute to boosting your earnings. Here are some Humbug-themed decorations that will help attract more coins and goodies to your collection:

The Humbug Decorations: 

Place these delightful Humbug-themed decorations strategically around your island to create a more appealing environment for your monsters. The happier your monsters are, the better their earning potential becomes.

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The Humbug Monsters

Surrounding your Epic Humbug with other Humbug monsters will further increase your income. Monsters like Tweedle, Furcorn, and Maw will complement Epic Humbug’s melodies and harmonize, creating a more prosperous environment.

How to Breed Ethereal Monsters

In addition to the Epic Humbug, players often aspire to collect ethereal monsters in My Singing Monsters [1]. Breeding ethereal monsters requires specific combinations and a bit of patience.

To create these spectral beings, experiment with various pairings such as T-Rox and Grumpyre or Ghazt and Jeeode. Remember that Ethereal Monsters can be bred on Natural Islands; each island has its own Ethereal Monster.

Becoming a master ethereal monster breeder in My Singing Monsters can be a challenging yet rewarding task. These spectral beings add an otherworldly charm to your collection and are highly sought after by players. 

My Singing Monsters

Breeding ethereal monsters requires specific combinations and a bit of patience, but once you succeed, the enchanting melodies and unique appearances of these creatures will make it all worthwhile. 


Breeding an Epic Humbug in My Singing Monsters is a gratifying endeavor that adds a touch of magic to your monster collection. By carefully pairing monsters, you increase your chances of welcoming this enchanting creature to your musical family.

Additionally, remember to strategically place torches and decorations to boost your earnings and create a more appealing environment for your monsters. Whether you’re aiming for the Epic Humbug or any other unique creature. 

My Singing Monsters offers an enchanting world of musical wonders to explore and enjoy. So, dive in and let the melodies of your monsters fill your heart with joy as you breed, collect, and compose harmonious tunes in this delightful mobile game. Happy breeding!

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