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How to Breed Hoola in My Singing Monsters — Your Ultimate Guide

Breeding the enchanting Hoola in My Singing Monsters paves the way for players to unlock one of the game’s most captivating creatures. 

This guide unveils the secrets to successfully breeding both Rare and Epic Hoola variants, providing players with the knowledge to enhance their monster collection and gameplay.

The Enchanting Hoola: A Captivating Persona

my sinsging monsters hoola description

At the heart of My Singing Monsters, where rhythms and tunes intertwine, Hoola emerges as a true pop star—a dazzling and enchanting persona that captures the essence of musical allure. Hoola’s presence is a standout, drawing players into her orbit with an irresistible charm. 

Whether it’s her graceful dance or how she adds elegance to the My Singing Monsters world, Hoola’s persona is genuinely admirable.

The Decade-Long Allure of My Singing Monsters

Over a decade since its debut, My Singing Monsters has held players in its musical embrace, weaving a timeless spell that refuses to fade. The game’s allure is a testament to its ingenious design and the captivating creatures that populate its fantastical landscapes. 

From the resonating harmonies of Air and Earth Islands to the anticipation that accompanies Seasonal offers, My Singing Monsters continues to thrill its dedicated fan base.

Breeding the Melodic Hoola: The Ultimate Guide

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Understanding Hoola's Seasonal Availability

Hoola’s melody is a seasonal delight, echoing only during the SummerSong season on the Air and Earth Islands. This exclusivity adds to Hoola’s mystique, making her acquisition a cherished experience.

Step-by-Step Hoola Breeding Process

  1. Begin by journeying to the designated island—Air or Earth—during the SummerSong season.
  2. Enter the Breeding Structure, a gateway to a world of musical possibilities.
  3. Your primary task is to select the perfect pair: PomPom and Pango, whose harmonious blend gives birth to the melodic Hoola.
  4. As the tunes intertwine, a breeding time of one hour and one day commences, offering players an opportunity to revel in anticipation.
  5. Should impatience strike, you can hasten the process with diamonds, a precious resource that accelerates the journey to Hoola’s melodies.
  6. Elevate Hoola’s happiness quotient by 25% simply by placing her near preferred items—Tweedle, Tree Hut, Tree Forte Tower, Castanevine, and the SummerSong Path.

Teleporting Hoola to Seasonal Shanty

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  1. Should you wish to teleport Hoola to the Seasonal Shanty, the option presents itself at level 15 or through a store purchase.
  2. Unlock the magic of duplication by breeding a Common Hoola with a Rare Hoola—a surefire method to gain a duplicate with a 100% success rate.
  3. Special moments come alive during the Out-of-Season and Anniversary events, offering a chance to obtain Hoola in a distinct rhythm.
  4. Stay attuned to the ongoing breeding season details, ensuring you seize every opportunity to welcome Hoola’s musical presence.

Harmonious Preferences: What Hoola Likes

1. Crafting Hoola's Joyful Symphony: Preferred Items

Elevate Hoola’s happiness through items that resonate with her musical soul, like Tweedle, Tree Hut, Tree Forte Tower, Castanevine, and the SummerSong Path.

2. Maximizing Happiness through Coordination

Strategize to optimize Hoola’s happiness by curating an environment where her preferred items harmonize and resonate, creating an aura of joy.

3. Rare Hoola's Duet of Delight: Boosting Happiness

Witness the synergy of happiness as common Hoola’s presence elevates the joy of rare Hoola, adding a melodious layer to their companionship.

Trivia and Fun Facts About Hoola

my singing monsters hoola

Unleashing Epic and Rare Hoola Variants

hoola my singing monsters


In the realm of My Singing Monsters [1], where melodies intertwine with creatures of wonder, the journey to obtain the captivating Hoola is a melodic adventure that encapsulates the essence of the game. 

As players uncover the secrets of breeding and nurturing this unique creature, they are invited to embrace Hoola’s harmonious charm and musical allure to My Singing Monsters. A symphony of joy awaits those who seek the enchanting melodies of Hoola, the true melodic star of My Singing Monsters’ realm.

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