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Lost Ark East or West Server — Which to Choose?

In the world of online gaming, players have their preferences as to what they need for a  good gaming experience. When choosing between the Lost Ark east or west servers, many things must be considered.

To help out and answer your question, we have gathered the best pieces of information from a gaming perspective. Below all that you need to know will be discussed.

Are East NA Servers Preferrable?

East NA servers are good, but you don’t need a server that works best in Eastern America. Many players argue that there are plenty of Lost Ark east servers, which makes them the best choice for everyone. 

This is not necessarily accurate for every player. East servers won’t perform well for everyone, and you will need a server that gives the best speed in your area.

Other Factors To Consider

To choose the best server, here are some of the factors you need to consider:

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Ping And Your Region

High ping would not make your experience pleasant because it will cause your game to lag. You have to choose a server close to your region to avoid high ping. You can always do this by enabling the “Network Latency” option on your game settings.

Population And Queue

Some players will want to relate or interact with others, so naturally, they would want to play game servers that will have much crowd. 

The more populated the server is, the more inaccessible and full it will be. You can check a server’s population on Lost Ark’s official server updates. 


The activity of a game can be affected when it is too populated.

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 The traffic online can affect the activity of the game. In other to have a good game session check its activity level.

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Can West and East servers play together on Lost Ark?

No, West and East servers cannot play together on Lost Ark. All servers within a region are covered by the same database. Therefore, you won’t be able to play with players from a server from another region.


Knowing what to choose between Lost Ark east or west servers depends on where you find yourself.  A ping test will help you measure the upload speed of your internet connection [1].

You can also connect with other game players and ask them to help you make better choices.

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