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Fixed: “Please wait, Contacting 2k Sports Server” on NBA 2K

Sometimes game lovers face delays, which can be to ruin their gameplay. And in the case of NBA 2K, players often encounter the “Please wait, contacting 2K Sports Server” error message which halts the game. 

More often than not, this issue can be solved in less than five minutes. Here, our gamers will explain all the solutions to this issue:

Check Official Updates for Server Maintenance

To maintain servers, you must reach out to the service providers to find official work guidelines. Get the latest software updates. Develop a good backup plan in case that can be retrieved data during system failure.

Fix # 1: Keep Auto Save On, Then Quit And Start The Game Again

As a result of this recurring issue, you can enable auto save. This helps protect the game from data loss due to crashes or user errors. 

Once done, you can quit and start the game again. When you’re back, the progress you have made will be saved.

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Fix # 2: Optimize Your Internet Connection

Optimizing your internet connection will help improve the speed of the game. Game servers like the 2K need viable internet to keep them working, or they will be experiencing pauses and delays.

You will have to lessen or disengage other gadgets connected to your network to avoid a slow internet connection. In addition, you can directly plug in the ethernet cable to your device.

Fix # 3:Contact NBA 2K Support

If you have tried doing the fixes above and end up with the error message, you might need to get in touch with NBA 2K’s support team [1].

Contacting them to register your concerns will enable them to directly troubleshoot the error better and improve their server for better user satisfaction.

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You are not the only one who experience “Please wait, contacting 2K Sports Server” message while playing NBA 2k. 

To avoid losing the progress you’ve made, you can always keep auto-save on, then restart the game again. You can also optimize your internet connection to avoid bumping into this error.

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