Exploring GTA Online UFO Locations in the 2022 Halloween Event

As the virtual cityscape of Grand Theft Auto Online (GTA Online) continues to evolve, so do its intriguing events. One such event that has captured the attention of gamers is the UFO event that unfolds during the Halloween season. 

This article delves into the details of the GTA Online UFO event of 2022, exploring its significance, the thrill of capturing photographic evidence, the precise locations of the UFOs, and the rewarding experiences it offers to avid players. 

Unraveling the 2022 GTA Online UFO Event

The GTA Online UFO event is an integral part of the Halloween festivities within the game. These otherworldly occurrences transform the familiar cityscape into an environment laden with mystery and adventure. 

Players are tasked with a unique mission: capturing photographic evidence of the UFOs that have descended upon the city. This mission stands as a testament to their virtual bravery and curiosity.

Unlike previous years when UFO sightings were solely for atmospheric effect, the 2022 rendition of the event brings substantial rewards. A pivotal change is the introduction of incentives for capturing these cosmic visitors. 


With the Snapmatic camera in hand, players who successfully snap a picture of a UFO are rewarded with a generous sum of $15,000 and an additional 1,000 RP (Reputation Points). 

Navigating the UFO Locations

The UFO locations in the 2022 GTA Online event are diverse and spread across the game’s vast virtual landscape. Each day leading up to the climax of Halloween offers a new opportunity to discover and photograph these extraterrestrial marvels:

Bountiful Rewards for UFO Hunters

The allure of the GTA Online UFO event goes beyond the thrill of discovery—it’s also about the rewards. Every successfully photographed UFO not only adds $15,000 to a player’s virtual wallet but also enhances their RP by 1,000 points. 

GTA UFO sighting

This offers a tangible incentive for players to delve into the UFO-hunting adventure. For the most dedicated hunters who manage to capture images of all 25 UFOs, a handsome prize of $50,000 awaits them, along with the coveted Glow Believe Cap.

As the event reaches its climactic finale, players who dare to approach the UFOs themselves are in for a whimsical twist. Those who find themselves in the clutches of alien abductions will experience a unique transformation. 

Upon their return to solid ground, they’ll be sporting a pair of UFO Boxer Shorts—undoubtedly a conversation starter among fellow players.


The GTA Online UFO event of 2022 offers players a unique blend of mystery, adventure, and rewards. Transforming Los Santos into a hotspot for extraterrestrial exploration, the event challenges players to capture snapshots of UFOs scattered across the city. 

Whether you’re a seasoned GTA [1] Online player or a newcomer to the virtual city, the UFO event promises a cosmic journey that’s worth every pixelated step. 

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