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Where is Benny’s in GTA 5?

Benny’s Original Motor Works is a new business location introduced in GTA 5. The mod shop offers a wide variety of customization options for vehicles. 

If you want to know more, allow our resident gamers to give you a must-read rundown on Benny’s Original Motor Works in GTA 5.

Where is Benny's Original Motor Works Located in GTA 5?

Benny’s is a full-service garage conveniently located in Strawberry, next to the Olympic Freeway, that specializes in Lowrider culture and customizing. 

In GTA Online, Benny’s Original Motor Works enables players to customize their vehicles’ interiors and engines as well as add custom types of vinyl, hydraulics, custom stereos, and custom paint colors. 

Benny's in GTA 5

At Benny’s Original Motor Works, only a small number of car types may be customized, in contrast to Los Santos Customs, where the great majority of the game’s vehicles can be customized. 

It was first made available for lowrider-style modifications on a few muscle cars, sedans, and vans. However, with future upgrades, this was further increased for a few cars allowing full-body “retro” conversions and high-performance modifications.

Prior to installing any changes, the player must pay to upgrade their stock car to a “custom” model. Only then may the further Benny’s-specific modifications be installed. 

In addition to the real garage, Benny also runs a website with the same name that advertises the vehicles that may be modified. It allows players to buy those vehicles (the prices for which are the same as on the various other vehicle websites in the game).

Benny's in GTA

The procedure of fitting parts to the vehicles is quite similar to how modifications are implemented at Los Santos Customs, with respect to similar categories. 

Additional camera angles [1] are provided for the various interior modifications. Although some of the original Los Santos Customs modification choices can only be used on the base model car rather than the conversion, they are still available to be applied at Benny’s.

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