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Cracking the Code: Unlocking Encrypted Cipher Quest Solutions in Fortnite

Fortnite’s Cipher Quests have arrived, challenging players to crack encrypted codes and complete quests for exciting rewards. 

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the world of Cipher Quests, exploring their significance in the game and providing valuable insights on completing them successfully.

Fortnite Cipher Quests Release Date and Runtime

The Cipher Quests were introduced to Fortnite with Patch 35.50 on February 28, 2023. Players will be able to embark on this thrilling adventure until March 10, 2023. 

New Cipher Quests will be unveiled each day until March 7, 2023, keeping the excitement alive throughout the event.

How to Complete Fortnite Cipher Quests

Locating and accessing Cipher Quests is the first step toward unraveling their mysteries. These quests can be found under the Quests tab on the left-hand side of the screen. 

encrypted Fortnite cipher quest

Once accessed, players can differentiate between encrypted and unencrypted Cipher Quests, with encrypted quests indicated by numerical codes in their accurate descriptions.

To conquer encrypted Cipher Quests, players must rely on context clues provided within the hints. These clues will assist in deciphering the codes and unveiling the objective locations. Pay attention to the details and apply your code-cracking skills to progress through the quests.

Fortnite Cipher Quest Rewards

Completing individual Cipher Quests grants players additional XP [1], enhancing their progression within the game. However, the real treasures await those who accumulate many completed unencrypted and encrypted Cipher Quests. 

encrypted Fortnite cipher quest gameplay

By meeting the requirements, players can unlock exclusive in-game rewards. Take a look at the table below to discover the bonuses and the conditions to obtain them:


How to Unlock

Keep the Peace Spray

Complete seven unencrypted Cipher Quests

Order Up Loading Screen

Complete 15 unencrypted Cipher Quests

Deciphered Emoticon

Complete 24 unencrypted Cipher Quests

Circuitry Wrap

Complete three encrypted Cipher Quests

Distant Roar Spray

Complete the second encrypted Cipher Quest

All Unencrypted Cipher Quests

Unencrypted Cipher Quests offer clear objectives and provide additional XP rewards upon completion. Here are some of the unencrypted Cipher Quests players may encounter:

encrypted Fortnite cipher quest stage 2
Unencrypted Cipher QuestObjective

XP Reward

Visit 3 Bastion Outposts

Explore 3 Bastion Outposts on the map

10,000 XP

Collect 150 ammo from chests

Gather a total of 150 ammo from chests

10,000 XP

Upgrade vehicles three times

Use Off-Road Tires or Cow Catchers to upgrade vehicles three times

10,000 XP

Hit opponents 5 times from 75m or more

Deal damage to opponents with ranged weapons 5 times from a distance of 75 meters or more

10,000 XP

Mark 3 targets with the Falcon Scout

Use the Falcon Scout to mark three targets

10,000 XP

Drive a vehicle in 5 named locations

Hop into a car and drive through 5 different designated areas

10,000 XP

Deal 250 explosive damage to enemies

Inflict a total of 250 explosive damage to enemy players

10,000 XP

Collect 50 gold bars from eliminated players

Collect 50 gold bars dropped by eliminated players

10,000 XP

Complete three bounties

Complete three bounties

10,000 XP

Place four recruitment posters

Put up four recruitment posters across the map

10,000 XP

Purchase five items from a Character or Vending Machine

Buy a total of 5 items from Characters or Vending Machines

10,000 XP

Reroll 3 augments

Change the augments on weapons or vehicles three times

10,000 XP

Get three eliminations with Uncommon or higher rarity weapons (Stage 1/4)

Eliminate three opponents using weapons of Uncommon rarity or higher (Stage 1/4)

10,000 XP

Deal 300 damage with the Infantry Rifle or Six Shooter (Stage 1/4)

Inflict 300 damage to opponents using the Infantry Rifle or Six Shooter (Stage 1/4)

10,000 XP

All Encrypted Cipher Quest Solutions

Cracking the codes of encrypted Cipher Quests requires a unique approach. The encryption method involves subtracting the looping principle, “,” from the numbers for every encrypted quest (1 -> A, 2 -> B, and so on). Let’s walk through an example of the decryption process:

doing encrypted Fortnite quest -> Subtract the looping code -> -> Decoded message: “ANVIL SQUARE”

Refer to the table below for the specific solutions and locations of each encrypted Cipher Quest:

Encrypted Cipher Quest



Encrypted Cipher Quest One


Anvil Square

Encrypted Cipher Quest Two


Splits Bowl, Faulty Splits

Cipher Quest Three


Lonely Labs, massive snow bank on the eastern side of the complex

Cipher Quest Four


Shattered Slabs, Cipher Quest dig spot (Upper Level of excavation site)


Fortnite Cipher Quests offer a thrilling experience for players seeking a challenge. The event’s limited-time availability adds an element of urgency, allowing players to embark on this code-cracking adventure before it concludes. 

Following our guide and applying your deciphering skills, you can conquer the encrypted codes, complete the quests, and unlock XP rewards and exclusive in-game items. 

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