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DC Skins in Fortnite — A Complete List

Fortnite players adore the fact that DC skins can transform them into their favorite heroes while they’re playing the game. Fans of DC books and movies may find these skins intriguing since they frequently include one-of-a-kind emotes, backblings, and harvesting equipment that are designed to complement the character’s overall concept. 

The inclusion of DC skins in Fortnite has the potential to pique the curiosity of players who had not previously shown any enthusiasm forthe battle royale game. The popularity of DC characters might just bring in comic fans who want to play as their favorite heroes or villains in the game.

In this list, we’ll explore the complete collection of DC skins in Fortnite, including their unique features.

1. Batman Comic Book

The Batman Caped Crusader Pack was launched in 2019, and it contains a number of different goods, one of which being the Batman skin. Players are able to immerse themselves in the world of Gotham City and roleplay as their favorite characters by using skins such as Harley Quinn and Catwoman. 

Other skins included the Joker and the Riddler. In addition to the Batman costume, the bundle contained a number of other Batman-themed things, such as a cape and a pickaxe skin in the shape of a batarang. The bundle also includes the famous Batman costume.

Batman comic book skin

Notable Features:

2. Aquaman

Aquaman became a fan favorite after Jason Momoa played him in DC movies. Momoa’s fierce and brilliant performance resonated with audiences. In Chapter 2: Season 3 of Fortnite, players that bought the Season 3 Battle Pass may get the Aquaman skin by completing tasks. 

The special Aquaman skin required gamers to complete a quest to earn the Arthur Curry skin. These challenges were only accessible in 2020, and the Aquaman skin is no longer available.

Notable Features:

3. Armored Batman Zero

To enhance your gaming experience and stand out in the game, you might want to consider getting the Armored Batman Zero Skin Bundle for the Aquaman skin in Fortnite. This bundle comes with a set of extras, including a fearsome-looking axe and a stylish glider that will surely make you stand out in the game.

Notable Features:

4. Batman Zero

The Batman Zero Bundle is another Fortnite Batman skins choice. This package includes the Batman Zero skin and other accessories to help you fight in style. 

Batman Zero Wing, Grappling Axe, Battle-Worn Cape, and a redesigned loading display customize your gameplay [1] experience. Players may add a distinctive touch to their Fortnite experience by unlocking the Batman Zero Bundle.

Notable Features:

5. Wonder Woman

Beginning in August 2021, those who competed in the Wonder Woman Cup event and accumulated enough points to unlock the skin were granted free access to the Wonder Woman costume. After the competition, the Wonder Woman dress and complementary cosmetics were made available for purchase in the item store. 

This outfit showcases Wonder Woman in her more traditional garb, although players also have access to her New 52 look, which contains the costume she first wore in the comics. When players wear the Golden Eagle outfit, they have access to Wonder Woman’s Golden Eagle Wings, which they may use on the glider to soar above the battlefield in elegance.

Notable Features:

6. The Joker

The Joker skin, which was long-awaited by DC and Fortnite fans alike, was just added to the game as part of “The Last Laugh” package. Poison Ivy and Fortnite’s Midas Rex skins are included in the pack as well, but The Joker is the real star. Two variations of the skin are available, both of which depict The Joker in his trademark clown getup. 

The hat is optional for both looks, and players may decide whether or not The Joker should wear it. If the skin isn’t presently available, you should be able to get it when it comes back to the Item Store. Players that don this skin may express their support for the infamous bad guy all while striking terror into the hearts of their enemies.

Notable Features:

7. The Flash

The Flash is an essential skin for Fortnite gamers that wish to feel like the Flash. Players may also purchase The Flash Bundle, which includes skins and cosmetic items themed around the super-speedy hero. 

In addition to gaining access to the Flash suit, purchasers of the bundle will also have access to the Speed Force Slashers, the Quick Bite emote, and the My Name is Barry Allen loading screen. All of these add-ons make it possible for Fortnite fans to express their support for a legendary hero like The Flash while also immersing themselves in the game’s universe.

Notable Features:

8. The Batman Who Laughs

The Dark Multiverse Set’s Batman Who Laughs skin is made available in several variations. This combo contains Death Metal Scythe, Robin’s Perch Back Bling, and Wings of Madness to make Fortnite unique. 

Players may also buy the Batman Fortnite: Foundation graphic novel to get The Batman Who Laughs skin and discover more about the villain. Players may uncover new Fortnite possibilities by exploring this dark side of the DC world.

Notable Features:

9. Rebirth Raven

Fortnite featured Raven from Rebirth with three styles: Classic, Default, and Rachel Roth. She was also in the Teen Titan Set alongside Beast Boy and other famous characters and cosmetics. The Teen Titan Set in Fortnite lets players experience DC comics and demonstrate their devotion for these legendary characters.

Notable Features:

10. Rebirth Harley Quinn

Fortnite’s Harley Quinn Rebirth skin has a red and black clothing and a style that dyes her hair in its iconic cotton candy pink and blue to match. 

Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point Issue 1 comic buyers get this special skin. The reactive back bling shows a storm zone timer, making Rebirth Harley Quinn stand out. This tool lets players strategize and beat the competition.

Notable Features:

11. Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy is included in The Last Laugh Bundle. The bundle also includes Laugh Riot, Joker’s Revenge, Ivy Axe, and Midas Crest making it the ideal gift for Fortnite lovers of great villains. The Last Laugh Bundle is excellent for Fortnite fans of DC villains like Poison Ivy.

Poison ivy skin gameplay

Notable Features:

12. Harley Quinn

Fortnite’s Harley Quinn skin may be purchased alone or as part of the Harley Quinn Bundle. Harley Hitter and Punchline are popular harvesting tools, letting users modify their gameplay and characters. 

The Harley Quinn skin has two styles, Always Fantabulous and Little Monster XOXO. Players can demonstrate their affection for one of DC’s most popular villains in Fortnite by embracing Harley Quinn’s volatile temperament on the battlefield.

Notable Features:

13. Green Arrow

Unleash the archery expert that lies dormant inside you. With this skin, you will be able to take over the role of the valiant Oliver Queen.

Notable Features:

14. Deathstroke Zero

In Chapter 2: Season 6, the top finishers in the Deathstroke Zero Cup received the Deathstroke Zero skin. You may still purchase it separately in the game’s store, or get the whole set in the Deathstroke Zero Bundle. 

This legendary skin comes with the Deathstroke Katanas Harvesting Tool, Deathstroke Destroyer Glider, and the Deathstroke Katanas Back Bling.

Notable Features:

15. Superman

Chapter 2 Season 7 unique skin Superman required players to accomplish tasks to get Clark Kent. Superman appeared as Kent throughout this outfit. After completing difficulties, Kent will transform into Superman with a constructed emote. Additionally, Superman’s Shadow costume was unlockable.

Notable Features:

Superman skin

16. Catwoman Zero

Catwoman Zero, a DC Series Outfit, costs 1,200 V-Bucks in the Fortnite: Battle Royale Item Store or 1,500 in the Catwoman Zero Bundle. This skin was launched in Chapter 2: Season 6 as part of the Batman: Zero Point Set, which contains other DC-themed products. Players may play in flair with the Catwoman Zero skin.

Notable Features:

17. Catwoman Comic Book

Fortnite’s Catwoman Comic Book Outfit lets players help Batman’s struggle against Gotham’s baddies. The Catwoman Bundle, which contains the Cat’s Claws harvesting tool, Jeweled Cat Back Bling, and a special Whipcrack emote, includes this Gotham City Set skin. 

Catwoman gamers may combat evil with Batman. Fortnite gamers may immerse themselves in DC comics and demonstrate their affection for Catwoman with the added cosmetic items.

Notable Features:

18. Bloodsport

The Bloodsport skin lets you unleash your unmatched drive as a Task Force X member. The whole package contains the Bloodsport skin, A.R.G.U.S. Saber, Starro Specimen, and additional enhancements. Using the bundle’s cosmetic accoutrements, gamers may customize their characters to suit their tastes.

Notable Features:

19. Black Manta

When you buy the Black Manta Set, you’ll get the Black Manta Skin and the Black Manta Pack. Gaining the Manta Blades will add to your menacing persona, helping you intimidate your opponents and rise to the top of the Fortnite leaderboard.

Notable Features:

Black manta skin drinking

20. Beast Boy

The Beast Boy skin is available for purchase on its own, or as part of the Beast Boy Bundle, which also includes a number of other skins and cosmetic options. 

With this package, you’ll find BB’s Beast Bat, Couch Titan, and the Go Ape Emote. In addition, there are three unique looks from which to choose: Garfield Logan, Traditional Beast Boy, and Gorilla Form.

Notable Features:


In summary, choosing a DC skin for Fortnite requires consideration of personal preferences, favorite characters, playstyle, details, bundle options, and reviews from other players. Ultimately, the best DC skin is one that makes you happy and fits your gaming style.

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