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The Best Kawaii Skins in Fortnite

Kawaii skins in Fortnite have become a popular way to customize characters in the battle royale shooter video game. Kawaii, which is Japanese for “cute,” has been a major aesthetic trend among gamers, and it has become a sought-after look for players in Fortnite. 

Kawaii skins are usually brightly colored, often featuring pastel colors, and often have a distinct anime-like look to them. They often feature characters with big eyes, wide smiles, and other features that make them appear endearing and adorable.

These skins have become a major trend for players, as they offer an aesthetic that is distinct from the traditional look of the game. In addition, players can choose from a variety of skin designs, from anime-inspired looks to cartoon-style designs.  

If you want to find one that suits your style, here’s a guide of all the trendiest and cutest Fortnite skins today!

What are the Best Kawaii Fortnite Skins?

lil whip fortnite skin dancing

Skins in Fortnite have numerous designs to choose from, and players can create unique looks that reflect their own personal style. With their bright colors and cute designs, they can make playing Fortnite even more fun. 

In addition to their aesthetic value, they also offer players some tactical advantages. For instance, some of the brighter colored skins can make players more visible in the game, making it easier for them to spot enemies before they spot them. This can give them an edge in tight firefights.

Without further ado, here are some of the most kawaii Fortnite skins:

1. Bendie And Twistie

Bendie and Twistie are two characters in the popular video game Fortnite. They are two of the five AI-controlled characters in the game, the others being Jonesy, Zoey, and Kyle. 

Bendie is a robotic-looking character with a blue body, yellow eyes, and a large circular head. He is the most powerful of the five AI-controlled characters, possessing special abilities and powerful attacks. 

bendie and twistie doing their thing fortnite skin

He is a master of close quarters combat and is able to use his offensive capabilities to take on multiple enemies at once. Bendie is also a master of building and can construct elaborate structures in a matter of seconds.

Meanwhile, Twistie is a more human-like character with a pink body, green eyes, and a large rectangular head. Unlike Bendie, she is more adept at ranged combat and can use her special abilities to keep enemies at a distance. 

She is also an expert at constructing traps and can lay down intricate traps that will slow down and damage enemies. The two of them make an unbeatable team together, as they can combine their unique abilities to devastate their enemies. 

Bendie and Twistie have become a fan-favorite duo in Fortnite, and many players consider them to be one of the best combinations in the game.

2. Axolotl (Axo)

Axo is a melee-based, mythical creature found in the world of Fortnite. It is a four-legged, blue-and-white creature with two antennae-like horns on its head, two large eyes, and a long tail. Axo is one of the rarest creatures in the game and can be found in the Battle Royale, Save the World, and Creative game modes. 

Axo fortnite skin features

Axo can be used to summon powerful items and materials, as well as provide a unique challenge to players in the game. 

In the Battle Royale mode, Axo can be found in chests and supply drops, as well as in the new Battle Pass Challenges. It also appears in the Save the World mode, where it can be used to summon powerful weapons and items that can be used to save the world.

In the Creative Mode, Axolot can be used to create unique challenges for players to complete. Axolot is a powerful creature that can provide a unique challenge for players.

3. Cluck

Cluck is an Epic Fortnite skin, released in April of 2019 as part of the Season 8 Battle Pass. The skin features a bright yellow chicken wearing a helmet with a feathery crest. The chicken has a beak and eyes that are also yellow, with a yellow comb atop its head. 

The chicken is also wearing a black and yellow aviator’s jacket and a pair of goggles over its eyes. The Cluck skin is an homage to the classic aviator look, which has been popular in the world of Fortnite for a while. 

The chicken’s helmet has a symbol on it that resembles a skull, and the jacket features the logo of a chicken. The chicken also has a pair of yellow wings with black tips, giving it an almost bird-like look.

The Cluck skin also comes with two different back blings, the Chicken Glider and the Chicken Pack. The Chicken Glider is a yellow and black glider with a chicken design on the wings. The Chicken Pack is a yellow and black backpack with a chicken design on the shoulder straps. 

Overall, the Cluck skin is a fun and unique skin that is sure to make you excel on the battlefield. Whether you’re looking for something goofy or something stylish, the Cluck skin has something for everyone.

4. Cobb

The first fruit or vegetable skin to appear on this list is Cobb. Yes, there are numerous different foods on this list. Cobb is a helpfully nutritious component of a healthy diet and is also dangerously adorable.

Cobb’s huge, round, bulging eyes and charming smile can’t help but make you smile when you first see him, despite the fact that he is essentially just a vegetable counterpart of Peely, who will appear a little further down the rankings. 

Cobb's skin bouncing to meet opponent at fortnite

He has alternatives for both reactive and non-reactive skin. He also has a Full Pop variation, which transforms the peak of its head into popcorn and serves as a stylish hairstyle.

5. Tropical Punch Zoey

This skin features a female character wearing a colorful tropical-themed outfit complete with vibrant colors and intricate details. Her clothing consists of a bright yellow crop top with a teal palm tree print and a blue skirt with a pink flamingo pattern. 

She also wears a pair of pink and yellow sandals, a pink sunhat, and a matching pink backpack. The character’s hair is a colorful gradient styled in two buns. Zoey has a pair of large, pink sunglasses to top off the look. 

This skin has a unique flair, making it different from other Fortnite skins. Its bright colors and tropical-inspired designs give it a fun, summery vibe that sets it apart from the rest. 

Players who purchase this skin will receive the Beach Ballin’ Back Bling, which is a large beach ball that is sure to add a fun element to any game of Fortnite. The skin also comes with the Pickle Pumper pickaxe, which is a fun and unique pickaxe with a large green pickle on the end.

6. Peely

Peely's skin going in for a run on the roof at fortnite

Peely is a banana-themed skin that features a bright yellow banana with a wide smile and two eyes. The skin also features a green stem and a brown peel. Peely is one of the few Fortnite skins that can be seen in-game as an NPC (non-playable character) [1]. 

It can be found in the Battle Pass tab, where it will offer players daily and weekly challenges in exchange for Battle Pass rewards. It’s a very popular skin among Fortnite players, as it is one of a few skins to feature a recognizable character. 

The skin is also quite iconic, as it has been featured in many of the game’s promotional materials. Peely is also quite versatile, as it can be used for a variety of playstyles ranging from aggressive to defensive. This skin also has a variety of emotes and dances, which makes it even more enjoyable to use. 

Overall, Peely is a unique and memorable skin that has been embraced by the Fortnite community. Its iconic design, versatility, and wide range of emotes and dances make it a great choice for any Fortnite fan. 

Whether you’re looking for a fun and iconic skin to show off in-game or a versatile skin for a range of playstyles, Peely is sure to make a great addition to any Fortnite collection.

7. Bushranger

Bushranger's skin running through the meadors at fortnite

Bushranger is a skin with an outfit that is a tree-like creature with a face of a human in the middle of its body. It wears a brown hood, with a matching waistcoat that is decorated with a red and gold pattern. It has a pair of brown boots and a pair of brown gloves.

The outfit has a unique style to it, making it more fabulous than other Fortnite skins. The face of the Bushranger is also quite menacing, with a pair of round eyes and a mouth full of sharp teeth. 

The style of the outfit is quite distinct and detailed, with a lot of intricate details, such as the different layers of clothing and the patterns on the waistcoat. 

It has a unique harvesting tool, called the Bushranger’s Axe. It is a large axe with a green handle and a black blade. It has a unique design, with detailed carvings on the handle.

8. Lil Whip

lil whip fortnite skin

This skin is part of the “Ice Cream Gang” set, and it features an ice cream-inspired design. The skin is predominantly beige with a soft-serve mohawk on the forehead. 

It is also wearing a red vest and headphones. The skin also has a unique “rapper” style that adds to its overall look.He also appears to be really content wherever he is based on the expression on his face. 

Or, at least, that’s what his smile with the rounded teeth would lead you to believe. The fact that his brows are also sprinkled is a very wonderful finishing touch.

9. Slumber

Slumber appears to be a sleep-related entity based on his appearance. He might be comparable to the Sandman, however he is unquestionably cuter. 

Slumber’s upper legs and torso are draped in a comforter, but his limbs appear to be humanoid in shape. Instead, pillows that have been fashioned into a hood take the place of his head.

Slumber's skin gliding to base at fortnite

10. Summer Skye

Summer Kye is the ideal anime-loving gamer girl. She would surely be looking for the greatest anime Fortnite skin to utilize if she plays Fortnite herself. 

She is one of the cutest Fortnite skins since she is simply adorable and a fan of all things kawaii. In fact, her in-game biography summary specifically states that she loves kawaii.

In reality, Summer Skye belongs to the rather small category of fan-made clothing. This is obviously a modified version of the initial Skye skin, with her own design reportedly drawing inspiration from both The Legend of Zelda and the popular Cartoon Network series Adventure Time.

11. Harley Quinn

This skin is based on the popular comic book character of the same name. The skin is available in the Fortnite item shop and it was released in the game in April 2020. 

The skin features Harley Quinn’s signature red and black harlequin costume with purple accents. The costume is completed with a pair of goggles, a black mask, and a set of white and black spiked bracelets.

Harley's skin smashing the opponent while it makes an escape at fortnite

The Harley skin also includes a pair of jester boots and a black and red bat. The bat comes with an additional skin that can be equipped in the game. 

This style includes a black and red dress with a gold belt and a pair of stiletto-style boots. The skin also includes a set of gold and black spiked bracelets, a black and red bat and a pair of goggles. 

Harley Quinn is equipped with a pair of dual pistols and a giant hammer as her weapons. Her pickaxe is a giant black, red and gold hammer that has a skull and crossbones on the head. 

Overall, the Harley Quinn skin is a unique and interesting skin to have in Fortnite. The skin has a cool, whimsical design that has classic comic book vibes and it is perfect for any DC Comics fan. The addition of the alternate style and the additional weapon skins make it even more desirable.

12. Bundles

One of the members of the Bears is Bundles. She doesn’t have her own team to command. However, she gets cuteness at the expense of her leadership.

Bundles skin waving goodbye at fortnite

Bundles, who is just a spectrum swap between the other Team Leader skins, is by far the least spooky of her rivals because of her serene white and pink coloring and less psychotic look. 

She is undoubtedly the least frightening of the Cuddle Bears, and you wouldn’t mind cuddling her.

Why Should You Get Different Kawaii Skins in Fortnite?

Utilizing different skins in Fortnite will customize your character, attracting more attention from the crowd. Skins can also give you a sense of accomplishment and pride when you show off your unique kawaii style. 

With the ever-changing styles and themes of the game, you can always find a cool or cute skin to express yourself. Different skins also give you the chance to play dress-up with your character and have some fun in the game.


The different Kawaii Fortnite skins has shown that the game provides players with a wide variety of choices when it comes to customizing their character. Players can choose from a variety of different skins, emotes, and other cosmetic items to make their character look unique. 

These kawaii customizations are not just a way for players to express themselves, but also a way for them to show off their skills and accomplishments in Fortnite. The game’s extensive selection of skins gives them the opportunity to create an avatar that is truly unique and reflective of their kawaii personalities!

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