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Funny Fortnite Skins that Will Surely Make You Smile

Fortnite has become an international phenomenon and is one of the most popular games in the world. It has been praised for its vibrant art style, accessible and engaging gameplay, and frequent updates and content. 

Players can customize their avatars, build structures and traps to defend themselves, and battle in both PvP and PvE modes. The game also has a great sense of humor and a vibrant community, which has helped it become so popular around the world.

Fortnite funny skins are some of the most popular skins available in the game. From silly cartoon characters to funny animals, there is a skin to fit everyone’s taste. 

Whether you are looking to make a statement or just want to have a laugh, Fortnite funny skins are the way to go. Here are some of the best from the game!

Funny Fortnite Skins Review

Whether you’re a fan of the classic skins or are looking for something a bit more unique, you’ll find something to love in this list:

Sparklemane fortnite skin

1. Beef Boss

The person in charge. The Best of the Bunch. The King of the Hill. Beef Boss possesses V-Bucks, power, and influence, but toppings are the most essential thing he possesses. 

In our ranking of the funniest Fortnite skins, he is without a doubt deserving of the number one place.

Beef Boss, the leader of Durr Burger, is the primary motivator behind the company’s aggressive pursuit of the top spot in the fast food industry within the realm of Fortnite. 

The executive with the patty-domed head believes that it is his duty “to guard the land from weaker quick-service eateries.”

Beef Boss, the archenemy of Tomatohead and others like him, loathes those who would dare choose cheesy bread discs over the obviously hunger-quenching qualities of a hearty burger.

Beef boss fortnite skin

2. Fabio Sparklemane

According to the legend, this creature is the new symbol of the Unicorn Flakes cereal and has been doomed to spend forever peddling the aforementioned breakfast food.

In spite of this gloomily humorous attitude, Fabio Sparklemane is every bit the gorgeous beast that one would anticipate from a unicorn, notably one with a 6-pack. 

He is available in a total of six unique flavors, including Golden Crunch, Flame Roasted, Blue Rune, and Purple Rune, as well as Golden Rune.

The color of the rune determines the color of his garment, which can range from a lucious pink to a deep black depending on the rune type. 

The Golden Crunch transformation turns him into a solid gold creature with an aqua sparkle jacket, while the Flame Roasted transformation transforms him into a horse version of Guy Fieri.

3. Rick Sanchez

Rick Sanchez fornite skin

The inclusion of Rick Sanchez in Fortnite was a stroke of marketing brilliance because he is one of the most iconic animated characters of the modern era and is right up there in terms of cartoon fame with the likes of Hank Hill, Homer Simpson, and Garfield. 

Rick Sanchez is also one of the most popular characters in Fortnite. Rick, whose narcissistic personality makes him a potential antagonist in the popular animated series Rick and Morty [1], has utterly no issue disintegrating anyone or anything. 

He has been doing this across different dimensions and universes to any variety of alien species, so he is completely unfazed by the prospect.

4. Unpeely

The only human or live piece of fruit that is further prepared for summer than Unpeely is going to be Unpeely. He’s such a sweet little thing.

 The enormous yellow guy known as Peely has lost his skin in order to relax and get some much-needed vitamin D. In the end, no one enjoys eating a sweaty banana.

Unpeely fornite skin

With his simple attire for the warm weather, Unpeely exudes a sense of laid-back coolness that is contagious. The cherry on top of everything is his straw hat that has had the top torn out to suit his massive, potassium-filled frame. 

His large orange shades and black and green shorts suit him nicely, but the cherry on top of everything is his straw hat.

5. Ginger Runner

Ingredients: three parts merry, one part frightful, and one hundred percent edible. The Ginger Gunner is geared up and ready to unleash some holiday-themed terror throughout the year.

Regrettably, the Gunner is not a real Gingerbread Person; rather, he is the Wildcat figure model dressed in a festively peppery attire and wearing a Gingerbread Person mask. However, she does not have any buttons that look like gumdrops.

The edible girl can also be found with two different distinct appearances, one of which is a result of excessive baking, and the other of which is a decoration.

Ginger gunner fortnite skin

She has a frown design to let you know that she has put you on her naughty list, and she also has two variations called Burnt, in which her attire is burned as if it had been left in the oven for too long.

6. Tender Defender

The origin of Tender Defender is actually quite an interesting tale, and it’s one of the coolest things about him. It all began with a teenage fan who decided to design his personal playable character for the game. 

He came up with a graphic that he called “Chicken Trooper,” and he said that KFC would never be able to disrupt such a beast. This is where everything got started.

Later, the boy’s father shared the drawing that his son had made of Fortnite with other fans of the game by posting it on the subreddit – r/FortNiteBR. The post received a lot of attention from the community and immediately started spreading throughout the internet.

At some point in the future, another Reddit member took the idea of the design and created a different type of it that was more complete. 

Tender defender fornite skin

Right after the completion of the design, they were approached by Epic Games directly and requested if that would be possible to create an actual game character that resembled that likeness in any way.

After a delay of two months, the humorous and amiable Fortnite skin, Tender Defender finally made its debut in the Shop, and the following, as they say, is history. He may be a chicken, but he’s the toughest bird you’ve ever met despite being a chicken.

7. Tomato Head

Tomatohead is the male equivalent to Crustina, and his name is not at all subtle, given that he actually does have a tomato for a head.  Tomatohead can frequently be found in the vicinity of The Pizza Pit and Pizza Pete’s Food Truck. He wears a uniform that is almost exactly the same as Crustina’s, but the male version of the outfit.

He is a Fortnite skin with a jovial, smiling face, a pizza delivery attire, and a tomato for the head. Tomatohead is a firm believer that pizza holds the title of “King of Fast Food,” and he frequently throws pizza events with the assistance of Guaco. 

Together, they eat a lot of pizza. He is willing to work together with any of the food mascots, but he has a long-standing feud with the employees of Durr Burger and the patty-shooter, Beef Boss.

Tomatohead fornite skin

8. Atlantean Fishstick

There’s no denying that Regular Fishstick looks like a funny figure, but the sea dweller dressed in Atlantean armor is the one that really brings the laughs. He’s the one that takes it to the next level.

The beaming look of pride on the Atlantean Guardian’s face now that he’s got a nice new set of clothes to be considered more seriously in makes him a much funnier Fortnite skin than his ordinary self would be otherwise. 

This is what gives the Atlantean Guardian such a funny Fortnite skin.

9. Crustina

The original representative of the family of Tomatodheads to make an appearance in this list is Crustina. The expression on her appearance suggests that she is overjoyed at the opportunity to take part in the Royal Rumble. It’s possible that she doesn’t care much about how things turn out.

Crustina fortnite skin

This wacky skin was included in the Pizza Fighters Set, which was made available for purchase in Chapter 2’s third season. She is the girl counterpart to another band that has a very elevated proportion of fruit to skull in their sound. 

She obtains a one-of-a-kind character design and is currently wearing a dark green vest with white and orange stripes, dark green leggings, and boots. Lastly, instead of having a normal head, she has a tomato attached to her body.

10. Bao Bros

Based on the mythology, these four brothers were supposed to be introduced in connection with the commemoration of the 2020 Lunar New Year. However, their release was postponed after the idea of an annual pass was abandoned.

The only thing that sets Bao Bros apart from people like me and you, is the fact that the tops of their actual heads in the game are made of steamed buns. These buns are a sweeter variant compared to their flavorful relative, the dumpling.

Pork, Shrimp, Beef, and Veggie are the heads of the four Bao Brothers. All of them are hilarious Fortnite skins are meant to depict the various fillings that could be found inside of some delectable bao buns.

Bao bros fortnite skin

11. Guaco

Guaco is the next in our lineup of quirky and hilarious characters, and he’s bringing something salty to the table instead of something sweet.

There are a few references to meals scattered throughout Fortnite. Nevertheless, it most certainly does have a slight fixation on tacos in particular. 

The amount of times that the game tries to include them into the game gives the impression that it regards them as the most important foods in the world. This is demonstrated by the fact that Guaco and Lada, his female counterpart, actually exist in the world. 

Whatever the case may be, it would be a bit embarrassing to be eliminated from the game by a person whose head is shaped like a taco, so I’m not entirely sure if both of the characters are just regular people playing a prank by wearing taco masks or if their heads are truly shaped like tacos.


Choosing a funny Fortnite skin can be a difficult decision. However, there are some things you can keep in mind when making your selection. First, consider your favorite colors, characters, and designs. 

Then, decide if you want a simple design or something more intricate with a lot of detail. Finally, look for a skin that will help you stand out from the crowd and make you laugh. With so many options to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect funny Fortnite skin to show off your true personality!

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