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Hitting the Max Level on Elden Ring — Your Quick Guide

Elden Ring is a well-loved video game developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. It is the spiritual successor to their classic cult game, Dark Souls. The story of Elden Ring focuses on players traversing through a dying world and deciphering its secrets along the way. 

Unlike many games, there’s no set level progression or specific goals, as players are free to explore without limits. However, there are still areas that reward them for exploring further in-depth with greater risks and rewards as they climb higher up the ladder of eldritch danger.

If you want to know what is the maximum level on Elden Ring, here’s a quick guide from our resident gamers!

What is the Max Level on Elden Ring?

The maximum level on Elden Ring is 713. It was revealed during the release of the game when players discovered that they can level up using souls. Souls are earned by defeating enemies, completing quests, and finding secret areas in various locations throughout the world. 

As you level up, your character increases its stats such as life and damage as well as unlocking new abilities. Reaching level 713 gives you access to every perk available for use in combat, making it much easier to take down tougher foes in some of Elden Ring’s boss encounters!

How Long Does it Take to Get to Level 713?

Lvl 713 vs boss game slay

Reaching level 713 in Elden Ring will likely take quite a few hours of gameplay. To begin, players must complete all available quests, dungeons, and encounters to gain XP. 

Once the player reaches level 50 they can enter NG+ mode which offers higher levels and more difficult enemies for additional XP gains. 

After reaching NG++ mode at level 100 players will have to complete increasingly challenging content in each playthrough until eventually leveling up to 713 the max possible level in Elden Ring.

How Many Runes are Needed to Get to Level 713?

It is impossible to answer this question without knowing more about the game and the specific mechanics within it. Generally speaking, leveling up in any RPG [1] typically requires gathering experience points by completing quests or defeating enemies, with additional bonuses for finishing story-related tasks. 

To reach level 713 in Elden Ring, the player will likely need to complete a number of these tasks while collecting rune pieces that can then be used as currency to buy upgrades that unlock higher levels.

How to Get Runes Faster

Killing Elder Dragon Greyoll
  1. Explore Caelid’s Abandoned Cave to find the Gold Scarab Talisman. When donned, it enhances rune acquisition by 20%, making even the smallest opponents worthwhile to defeat.
  2. Consume gold-pickled fowl feet. Consuming one of these will increase the acquisition of runes, just like the Golden Scarab Talisman does, and it stacks with the Scarab.
  3. The bosses you have already defeated can help others. As you receive a share of the runes when you assist, drop a summon sign outside several of the boss chambers you have already defeated.
  4. When defeated, enemies with glowing eyes will provide more runes than usual.
  5. Make use of the Golden Runes. They can be valued up to $10,000 and are simple to overlook in your inventory.
  6. For a simple 50k, kill Elder Dragon Greyoll in Dragon’s Barrow. To avoid being attacked by its dragonlings, strike from behind.
  7. Enter “New Game Plus.” You’ll discover that you’ll earn more runes than you did the first time around as players achieve NG+. Of course, the challenge will also be greater.
  8. If you succeed at invading, PVP will reward you with some runes. Keep in mind that when you try this method, it’s frequently two against one.

Where to Get Runes

Elden Ring’s max level is dependent on the player’s progress in their playthrough. To reach the maximum level up in Elden Ring, you need to acquire XP by completing missions and engaging in battle. 

You can also obtain additional XP from performing various quests available throughout the game. Additionally, there are Runes scattered throughout Elden Ring which players can collect for a large boost of experience points that goes towards leveling up your character quickly and reaching max level faster.

1. Dragons Barrow

In Dragons Barrow, there are a number of Vulgar Milita scattered around Bestial Sanctum. For the most part, they are simple targets for sneak attacks, even at lower levels, and each one is worth more than a thousand. 

Even Caelid can be used to access this location via the portal behind the Third Church of Marika.

2. Windmill Village

Windmill village dancers

There are a lot of spooky dancing women there, but they won’t attack until provoked. You can make roughly 7,000 runes in a few minutes if you clean out the village. Then it will be reset by going back to a place of grace.

3. Mohgwyn Palace

Mohg’s underground section is the best rune-farming place in Elden Ring. Unfortunately, there are a lot of hurdles to overcome before you can get here. 

The quickest route is to complete Varre’s quest line since he will provide you with a tool that will teleport you there. If not, there is a doorway in the extremely late-game Consecrated Snowfield.


Elden Ring’s max level is an important milestone for all players, both new and experienced. The benefits of achieving the max level are plentiful. First, you will gain access to more powerful equipment and build choices and a larger pool of characters to choose from.

You’ll also have the ability to play through various dungeons that offer greater rewards than previously available. With this power at your disposal, there are countless possibilities for how you can enjoy the game even further!

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