Farm Forgotten Souls Diablo

Diablo 3 Farm Forgotten Souls

Are you looking for a way to farm Forgotten Souls on Diablo 3? If so, then this article is for you. We’ll take a look at what Forgotten Souls are and how you can farm them effectively. So if you’re ready to learn more, then let’s get started.

What Are Forgotten Souls on Diablo 3?

Forgotten Souls were added to Diablo 3 with the release of Reaper of Souls, so they did not exist in Diablo 3 Classic. In the early game, salvaging legendary goods yielded Fiery Brimstones as a raw ingredient. 

For a time in Reaper of Souls, Fiery Orbs could be gained through Level 1 to 60 gear, while Forgotten Souls could be obtained through Level 61 to 70 gear.

Diablo 3 Farm Forgotten Souls

Brimstones (and the white, blue, or yellow resources for levels 1 to 60) were removed from the game’s inventory when the crafting system was revamped and simplified in Patch 2.3. 

Forgotten Souls are now dropping directly from Treasure Goblins as a result of that release and Patch 2.4. The general drop rate for legendary artifacts that may be recovered and transformed into Forgotten Souls has increased significantly.

Development Of Forgotten Souls in Diablo 3

Forgotten Souls is a crafting material in Diablo 3 that was added with the release of the Reaper of Souls expansion. The material is used to craft powerful legendary and set items, as well as for enchanting existing items to improve their stats.

Forgotten Souls are obtained by salvaging legendary, ancient, or primal ancient items at the blacksmith. When an item is salvaged, it will yield a certain amount of materials based on its quality and level. 

Higher level and rarer items will yield more materials, with legendary items guaranteeing at least one Forgotten Soul upon salvage, an ancient item drops 3, while a primal ancient item rewards 15.

Diablo 3 - Realm of Fright

The introduction of Forgotten Souls was part of Blizzard’s efforts to address player concerns about the usefulness of rare items in the endgame. In earlier versions of Diablo 3, rare items were often considered inferior to legendary items due to their lower stats and lack of unique affixes. 

However, with the addition of the enchanting system and the requirement of Forgotten Souls for crafting, rare items became much more valuable.

The development of Forgotten Souls likely involved a combination of gameplay balancing and user feedback. Blizzard [1] has a long history of making changes to their games based on player feedback, and the addition of Forgotten Souls was likely a response to the community’s desire for more ways to customize and improve their gear.

How to Farm Forgotten Souls on Diablo 3

Forgotten Soul can be obtained as a crafting ingredient in Diablo 3 by salvaging legendary goods of any rank. Rift Guardians and other types of Treasure Goblins can also drop souls directly into the rift. 

Souls are required for the Blacksmith and Kanai’s Cube, as well as for some Mystic enchants. 

As a result, Souls are one of the most challenging obstacles for players to overcome on their quest to earn and enhance equipment. 

Farm Forgotten Souls

Players seeking more Souls should go for higher difficulty levels, where legendary drop rates are substantially higher and Goblins may drop more loot. Rifts is the most efficient way to farm Forgotten Souls. A Forgotten Soul is likely to be dropped by the rift keeper. 

Choose a higher Torment level so that you can finish the rift quickly (two-three min max). Farming with the team might assist you in farming better and in higher Torment, resulting in more Forgotten Souls.

How Can You Farm Forgotten Souls Quickly?

Bring the Settings to Torment 1

Remember that you’re only farming souls from the graveyard. If you want to farm something other than the soul, you should avoid doing so. However, for the fastest results, choose Torment 1 to ensure that your kill speed is at its maximum.

Farm Them in Rifts

Only farming in Nephalem Rifts will yield Forgotten Souls, and there is no better area to do so. Avoid going after the Rift boss right away this time. 

Seek out the elites and steal their souls as well. The Rift boss, on the other hand, is the most effective monster for getting the Forgotten Souls.

Farm Forgotten Souls in rift

Gamble With Kadala

The recovery of Legendary Items, which can be earned in a variety of ways, is one source of Forgotten Souls. It makes no difference if you get worthless Legendary Items from Kadala, like the Compass Rose, because you can always farm them for Souls.


If you want to enchant existing items to improve their stats, then you will need Forgotten Souls as they are a required crafting material. However, if you prefer to focus on other aspects of the game such as progressing through the story or engaging in multiplayer activities, then Forgotten Souls may not be as essential for your gameplay. 

Additionally, some players may choose to focus on acquiring legendary items through other means such as drops or trading, which can negate the need for grinding Forgotten Souls entirely.

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