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CS:GO Cooldown — What You Need to Know

One of the key elements of CS:GO is the “cooldown” mechanic, which is a system that is used to control the frequency of certain actions within the game. Here, we’ll detail more what cooldown is and how it works on CS:GO.

What is "Cooldown" on CS:GO?

On CS:GO, a player’s account can be locked for a short time or for good. This is called a “cooldown.” Below are the different types of a “cooldown:”

CSGO cooldown

Temporary Cooldown

When a player wins two Competitive games within 21 hours before they have a Skill Group, they get a Temporary Cooldown. Even though it’s not a ban, you can’t play Competitive modes for 21 hours.

Competitive Cooldown

When a player is on a Competitive Cooldown, they can’t sign up for Wingman or Competitive matches in matchmaking. It comes into play when:

CSGO Matchmaking Unavailable Error

Global Cooldown

A player has a Global Cooldown when they:

They stop you from using the matchmaking system for any game mode and also stop you from joining VAC-secured servers, even if your account has prime status.

VAC ( Valve Anti Cheat ) Cooldown

A VAC Cooldown is a permanent, non-negotiable [1] account ban that Steam support can’t take away. It happens when VAC notices that your computer is running a cheating software. 

This will ban your account from VAC-secured servers and stop you from joining them.


This cooldown rule is an important part of CS:GO and is used to regulate the game and reduce cheating. It comes in several forms and can be used to temporarily or permanently ban players who break the rules. 

Therefore, understanding its different types and how they work is essential for any CS:GO player.

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