tf2 mods Updated and Better Killfeed Icons TF2

TF2 Mods That Work on Valve Servers — Your Quick Guide

Have you ever wanted to play Team Fortress 2 with a few modifications? If so, you’re one of the many players who would like to customize their gaming experience with various tweaks or add-ons. 

Unfortunately, most of these modifications are not allowed on Valve servers. This is due to the fact that they can cause performance issues or disrupt the game’s balance.

However, there are still some modifications that are allowed on Valve servers. In this post, our TF2 players will share some of the most popular TF2 mods that work on these servers. We’ll also explain why they are allowed and how they can improve your gaming experience!

List of TF2 Mods That Work on Valve Servers

Below are some of the Team Fortress Mods you can choose and use on Valve servers.

This mod replaces TF2’s dull muzzle flash with a cartoonish flash reminiscent of Team Fortress Classic’s trailer.

tf2 mods muzzle flash

This mod replaces smoke and explosion particles with more transparent particles. Many pro or comp players have this installed to clear their screen during a firefight.

It does exactly what it says: it removes all cosmetics and hats and works on Valve servers.

This mod adds missing killfeed items and makes some killfeed weapons easier to “read.”

tf2 mods Updated and Better Killfeed Icons


These are some of the most popular TF2 mods that work on Valve servers [1]. While they aren’t as powerful as the ones that are banned, they still provide some interesting enhancements to the game. 

If you’re looking for a way to customize your TF2 experience, these mods are definitely worth checking and trying out!

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