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The Ship Servers — Your Quick Guide

The Ship Server is a popular player-versus-player (PvP) game that’s played by many avid fans together. In order to join a game, players will need a copy of The Ship and the IP address of the server they wish to participate on. 

If you’re interested about the different types of The Ship servers you can join, keep reading as our gamers explain each in detail!

What Are The Different Types Of The Ship Servers?

The Ship PvP Servers

Do you enjoy engaging in duels or faction battles with other players? That is exactly what the Ship PvP servers provide. Players will spawn with nothing but the clothes on their backs and will have to fight to survive against other players.

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The Ship PvE Servers

On these servers, players are encouraged to work together to navigate the harsh lands of The Ship Exiles. Building your home base is much less stressful because there is no real danger or risk of being killed by another player. 

This is ideal for new players who want to learn The Ship and be put through the paces without having to worry about dying to other players.

The Ship Creative Servers

On these servers, the only goal is to build massive structures from the ground up with no restrictions on how they should look. They come with a slew of different The Ship resource packs, which vastly expand the possibilities. 

These The Ship servers occasionally provide complex options that allow advanced users to construct various contraptions.

The Ship Survival Servers

The Ship Survival Server is a server where you start from scratch and must work your way up. These servers are more difficult than regular PvE The Ship servers, and venturing out into the open world is much riskier.

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The Ship Roleplaying Servers

The Ship Roleplaying servers are a fun way to meet new people and experiment with different rule sets. 

Players on this server [1] are expected to stay in character, speak like their character, and make decisions that are out of character for them. It’s ideal for those who want to learn more about The Ship’s history. 

Servers with active administrators also provide a fun environment in which you can get assistance from veterans who will guide you through your first steps of survival.


There are many The Ship Servers to choose from and each one of them offers a unique experience. Whether you’re looking for a more intense player-versus-player experience or a more relaxed PvE experience, there is something that you will enjoy!

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