How to Make Profit on TF2?
All You Need to Know About the TF2 Market

Profiting on Team Fortress 2 is the dream of every trader. However, trading is tricky, and if you don’t get it right, you could be on the losing end. Trading requires effort and a strategy, but unfortunately, some traders don’t have those and the skill to succeed. This post will enlighten you on what you need to know about the TF2 market and amassing profits.

Basics of the TF2 Economy: Currencies and Items

The TF2 game uses two major currencies – key and metal. These two currencies are the medium of exchange in the game.

You will have to buy TF2 keys from reliable sites and metals using real currencies from scam-free sites, such as With keys and metals, you can trade items for profit. But, how to make a profit on TF2 depends on the trader’s strategy. 

TF2 Key

Types of Item

As a trader, you must understand the value of the items in the game if you want to profit. Items are classified according to their quality and grades. Let’s start with quality.

Items can be normal, yellow, unique, or strange. Normal quality items are those you start with. 

The yellow unique ones are standard items as well but above their normal quality counterparts. Examples include; some taunts, hats, cosmetics, etc. Strange quality represents items that track your kills. You can use a strange count transfer tool to add Strange scores from one item to another on the strange leveling server of TF2. Apart from that, they are the same with yellow unique. 

trading TF2 items

Purple unusual quality represents items, such as hats, weapons, special effects, etc. These are expensive due to their low drop rate. They cost $10 – $10,000. Decorated quality stands for weapon skins. These skins could be Battle-Scarred, Tested Minimal Wear, etc.

The next category is grade. Grades explain how rare an item is. TF2 has six grades, which include; Civilian, Mercenary, Assassin, Elite, Freelance, and Commando.

Valuing Items

Valuing items is the issue with most traders in the game, particularly the novices. Many people tend to set a high price that makes selling the item impossible. The pricing has to be realistic for you to profit.

To price your item well, our team of experts recommends checking various marketplaces for the items. 

Sources of Profits

Unusual Items

Gamers trade unusual items when they have had the experience of trading low-tier items. Unusual items you can trade are Taunts, Weapons, and Hats. Taunts are challenging to sell. Supply outweighs the demand for Taunts, so our gaming team suggests you avoid them.

tf2 strange item

Weapons are rare items that can be difficult to sell, like Taunts. Hats are the best unusual items to sell because they are not common, flashy, and popular in demand. It gives you a higher chance to be triumphant with Team Fortress 2 Unusual trading.

How to Profit From Unusuals

You can profit from selling unusuals using these two methods – quick selling/buying and hoarding. Quick selling is when an unusual is discounted to fulfill a trade. A good offer usually has one or two keys above the price of the highest bidder. With this method, you can buy an item at half of its price. 

The hoarding method only works when you possess a valuable item, like a rare effect that is in high demand [1]. You can list the item and expect full payment. You can buy these items as quicksells, but for more profit. 

The hoarding method isn’t as quick as the other one, but you’ll make more profits.  

Item with Add-ons

Items with add-ons sell better than those without. However, some add-ons boost the value of certain items, while others don’t. For example, Festivizers barely add to the item’s value, but items like Killstreaks, Paints, and Strange parts.

tf2 items

Tips and Reminders to Profit from TF2 Trading

Choose Unusuals Wisely

As our team pointed out, unusuals are different. The less common ones sell faster than the rare ones. Avoid getting items that are too common and rare.

Organize Your Items According to Value

Some items are more valuable than others. Classify your items accordingly and trade items with 15-50 keys. 

Connect on Forums with Other Players

Meet up with players on forums and ask for advice. This way, you get to have more information regarding the various aspects of trading.

Avoid Unreliable Sites

Many sites are scams. Always check their reviews and ratings to avoid being scammed.

Promote Online

If you want to be known as a trader that deals with valuable items, you must advertise yourself online. 


Can you sell crafted items in TF2?

Yes, you can sell crafted items in TF2. You can create one, such as weapons and cosmetics, but not tools.

How does TF2 economy work?

TF2 economy works on the principle of buying and selling of items. The trader employs a strategy to amass profits.


Trading on the TF2 game is exciting, as you can make profits from selling items. However, you need to be consistent with your trades and understand the ropes. If you still don’t know how to make profits on TF2, our team recommends that you re-read the article. With time, you will understand how to trade proficiently. 

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