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How to See Your Favorite Clothes on Roblox

If you open Roblox and notice that you don’t see clothes in your wardrobe, don’t panic. There are a few easy steps you can follow so you can always see your latest fashion finds in-game. 

Read on to learn how to customize your character’s outfit so you can show off your style in Roblox!

How to See Your Favorite Clothes

Roblox has a lot of things for its players to do, and that includes a lot of cool clothes, hairstyles, and other cosmetic items to choose from. 

This means that you have likely changed a lot in how you look. If you did, Roblox has a feature that allows you to see your favorite games, hairstyles, outfits, shirts, hats, and everything else you can think of.

Favorite Clothes on Roblox 2020

Despite this, it seems like not many players know that they can look at their favorite items. 

The number of clothes on this menu will depend on how many you have marked as favorites. If you’re not sure how to see your favorite clothes in Roblox, here’s what you do:

Favorite Clothes on Roblox

After you do this, you’ll be taken to a menu with information about all of your favorite games, clothes, accessories, faces, models, and other cosmetic items. 

To see your favorite pants, just click pants in the menu that will be on the left side of your screen. If you don’t find anything here, it may be because you haven’t marked anything as a favorite yet.

Even so, there might be an error even if you’ve liked something that doesn’t show up. To fix this, all you have to do is refresh the page a few times [1]

If you still don’t see anything, close the browser and try the method again described above. You can also get to the same menu by changing the end word of the URL from “profile” to “favorites” and then pressing enter while you’re on your profile page.

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