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GPO Map: All Islands’ Locations — Discover the Treasures of the World

Embark on a thrilling virtual adventure with Grand Piece Online (GPO), a captivating world where players traverse vast oceans, claim uncharted islands, and seek epic treasures. However, navigating through this expansive and diverse landscape can be overwhelming without a reliable map. 

In this article, we will present a comprehensive guide spread across three sections to aid players in exploring GPO’s Islands. 

Three Main Locations in GPO

First Sea Locations

The starting point for every GPO adventurer, the First Sea is a diverse realm brimming with opportunities and challenges. Here, players will explore islands that cater to varying levels of expertise, acquiring valuable skills and equipment along the way.

Below are various distinct regions in this particular location:

Town of Beginnings

This is where every adventurer’s journey commences. Players will find essential purchasable items like Rowboat, Caravel, and Potions to aid them in their travels. Additionally, they must confront the formidable Bandit Boss to claim the coveted Eye Patch.

Grand Piece Online Town of Beginnings

Marine Fort F-1

A neutral ground that provides a safe haven for all players. Although there are no purchasable or boss encounters, players can regroup, strategize, and prepare for future adventures.


A region suitable for players above level 10. They may find themselves facing the enigmatic Lucid and his prized possession, the Bazooka.

Shell's Town

This island welcomes players at level 20 and above, providing vital resources such as Galleons, Hammers, and Barrels. However, they must beware of Logan and his powerful Metal Jaw.

Island Of Zou

With a recommended level of 30, this island offers the Mink Combat Electric Fighting Style for those seeking martial prowess. However, players must navigate the challenges set by the Zou Inhabitants.


At level 40, players can master the art of Black Leg combat. While this island has only one purchasable, the black leg, it presents an excellent opportunity for combat training.

Grand Piece Online Baratie

Orange Town

Players above level 50 will find themselves in the company of the enigmatic Star Clown. Conquering this island rewards them with the elusive Buggy Cape.

Mysterious Cliff

An island shrouded in secrets, it offers Rokushiki combat techniques to all adventurers, regardless of their level.

Roca Island

Open to players of all levels, this island provides access to the One-Sword-Style and the formidable Katana.


Another location open to adventurers of any level, it promises intense battles and the chance to prove one’s mettle.

Sphinx Island

This region is recommended for players at level 65 and above. Those who dare to face the mighty Gorilla King might be rewarded with the Gorilla King Crown.

Grand Piece Online Sphinx Island

Arlong Park

At level 70 and above, players can challenge Arlong and obtain Kiribachi to enhance their arsenal.

Kori Island

Suitable for those above level 80, it grants access to the powerful Busoshoku Haki.

Gravito’s Fort

At Level 60+, a formidable fortress guarded by powerful enemies. Players around level 60 or higher can put their combat skills to the test and attempt to conquer this fortress for its coveted treasures.

Fishman Cave

At Level 20+, a mysterious underwater cavern teeming with secrets and hidden loot. Adventurers at level 20 or higher can delve into the depths and uncover the mysteries that lie within.

Fishman Island

At Level 50+, an enchanting underwater realm inhabited by fishmen and marine creatures. Players at level 50 or above can explore the depths of this ocean paradise and face formidable adversaries.

Grand Piece Online Fishman Island

Fishman Colosseum

At Level 70+, a thrilling battleground where players can engage in intense PvP battles [1]. Warriors around level 70 or higher can put their combat prowess to the test and compete against other players in epic clashes.

Ryu's Palace

At Level 75+, a majestic palace ruled by Ryu, the fearsome Dragon Boss. Players around level 75 or higher must gather their allies and devise a strategy to take down this formidable foe and claim its impressive rewards.

Neptune's Throne

At Level 80+, the grand seat of Neptune, the powerful ocean deity. Adventurers at level 80 or higher can pay homage to the mighty ruler or challenge formidable enemies in this sacred realm.

Marine Base G-1

At Level 90+, a heavily fortified military base controlled by the Marines. Players around level 90 or higher seeking challenging battles against formidable foes can venture here.

Coco Island

At any level, an exotic island with lush vegetation and intriguing mysteries to unravel. Players at level 30 or above can explore this captivating island and uncover its hidden treasures.

Grand Piece Online Coco Island

Sea Serpent (Rough Waters)

At Level 200+, a colossal sea serpent lurks in the treacherous Rough Waters. Brave adventurers around level 200 or higher can take on this monstrous creature for rare and valuable drops.

???? Shrine

At Level 325+, a mysterious and enigmatic location is yet to be fully discovered by players. It holds the promise of exciting encounters and untold tales for those at level 100 or higher.

Reverse Mountain

At Level 325+, you find this remarkable mountain with water flowing both uphill and downhill. Players at level 325 or higher can navigate its treacherous waters and seek rewards at its peak.

Land of the Sky Locations

Floating high above the First Sea, the Land of the Sky, also known as Skypiea Island, offers a unique and ethereal experience. As players ascend to this majestic realm, they encounter celestial beings, breathtaking landscapes, and formidable adversaries.

Below are various distinct regions in this particular location:

Heaven's Gate

Players embark on their journey to the Land of the Sky through Heaven’s Gate, a portal between realms.

Grand Piece Online Heaven's Gate

Sky Town District 1

The first stop is the Land of the Sky, where players can obtain Eternal Poses and Potions.

Sky Town District 2

Recommended for players at level 105 and above, this district harbors valuable secrets and challenges.

Sky Castle

For players at level 110 and above, this ethereal castle promises enchanting encounters and treasures.

Sky Colosseum

An open arena where players can engage in thrilling battles with no level restrictions.

The Tree

Suitable for players at level 125 and above, this island bestows the Skypiean Glide Ability upon those who conquer it. Additionally, players may encounter Bruno and claim the powerful Burn Bazooka.

Grand Piece Online in combat

Sky Town District 3

Recommended for players at level 135 and above, this district holds its own mysteries and rewards.

Malcom's Lair

At level 145 and above, players can challenge Malcom and obtain his coveted Shotgun.

Golden City

A golden realm is suitable for players at level 155 and above. Here, the formidable Enel awaits, offering the Golden Staff and Tomoe Drums to those who can overcome him.

Second Sea Locations

Unlocking the Second Sea is a momentous achievement for any player who reaches level 325. Here, new islands and fresh dangers await, promising uncharted territories and greater rewards.

Grand Piece Online Second Sea

Below are various distinct regions in this particular location:

Rovo Island

An island with no level restrictions, providing players with a unique experience.

Desert Kingdom

Recommended for players at levels 325-400, this kingdom holds its own secrets and challenges.

Thriller Bark

At levels 325-500, players embark on an eerie adventure in this haunted region.

Rose Kingdom

At levels 425-575, players may explore this intriguing location, full of surprises and formidable foes.

Grand Piece Online Roses Kingdom

Sashi Island

Reserved for high-level adventurers at level 325+, Sashi Island is a formidable challenge. It offers purchasable items like the 2 Sword Style and features Musashi as its Boss, with a chance to obtain exclusive loot like the Book of Nitoryu and legendary katanas.

Spirit Island

A serene retreat open to adventurers of any level, Spirit Island allows players to purchase Busoshoku V2 to enhance their abilities and enjoy a tranquil setting for exploration and relaxation.

Colosseum of Arc

There are no level restrictions applied to this arena, making it accessible to all players. While no purchasable items are available here, players can engage in gladiatorial battles to showcase their combat prowess.

Rough Waters

Geared towards experienced players at level 325+, Rough Waters is a perilous region with challenging Boss battles against the Kraken and Great Kraken. Successful confrontations yield rich rewards.

Foro Island

An inviting destination for adventurers of any level, Foro Island is not purchasable but provides a picturesque setting for peaceful exploration and discovery.

Grand Piece Online Foro Island

Thiller Bark

For high-level adventurers at level 325+, Thiller Bark holds eerie mysteries and challenging Boss fights against Ryuma, Borj, and Moria. Players can obtain unique drops like Vel’s Lantern and powerful equipment.

Soul Kings Ship

With no level restrictions, Soul Kings Ship allows players to challenge the Soul King/Brook Boss for exclusive loot, including Soul King’s Outfit, Top hat, Violin, Guitar, and more.


Grand Piece Online offers an expansive and immersive world for players to explore. A detailed map is a vital tool in guiding adventurers through the seas of GPO, enabling them to uncover hidden treasures and conquer formidable challenges. 

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