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Game On-the-Go: How to Rent Nintendo Switch Games

As a Nintendo Switch enthusiast, you’ve likely wanted to explore the latest game releases without the financial commitment of buying each title. However, purchasing every game that catches your eye can quickly burden your wallet.

In this article, we’ll answer all your questions on Nintendo Switch game rentals, how the process works, and more. We’ll also delve into game rentals for this console, exploring different options for renting Switch games, the costs involved, and the benefits of each approach. 

Options for Renting Games for Nintendo Switch

There are various options for renting Nintendo Switch games, each catering to different gaming preferences and needs. Let’s explore the most popular choices:

Rental Option



A popular option with a wide game selection and subscription-based service.

Local Video Game Stores

Alternatives for immediate gratification through physical disc rentals.

Cost and Benefits of Each Rental Option

Nintendo Switch

Each rental option comes with its own set of costs and benefits. Understanding these factors will help you make an informed decision about the best approach for your gaming journey.

Prices of Nintendo Switch Games Rental

The pricing of Nintendo Switch game rentals can vary significantly based on the rental service you choose and the specific plans they offer. 

Some platforms offer pay-per-rental options, while others provide subscription-based plans with unlimited rentals within a set price range. By comparing the costs of different services, you can opt for a plan that aligns with your gaming budget.

Pay-Per-Rental vs. Subscription-Based Plans


Pay-per-rental services charge you a flat fee for every game you rent. This option suits gamers who only play occasionally or want to rent certain titles sometimes. 

tablet and gamefly video game discs

While pay-per-rental services offer flexibility, they may not be the most cost-effective option for those who rent games frequently.

Subscription-Based Plans

Subscription-based rental services, like GameFly, offer unlimited rentals for a set monthly fee. These plans are ideal for avid gamers who play and rent a batch of games every month. Subscribing to a rental service can significantly save time, especially if you play several games regularly. Check out our GameFly review next!

Factors to Consider, Such as Late Return Fees

When totaling the costs of Nintendo Switch games that were rented, it’s essential to consider additional factors, such as late return fees. 

Some rental services impose penalties for late returns, so it’s crucial to be mindful of the rental period and ensure timely returns to avoid extra charges.

How to Rent Nintendo Switch Games

To rent Nintendo Switch games through online rental services, you’ll need to set up an account on the platform of your choice. GameFly and Redbox offer user-friendly interfaces, making the account setup process straightforward.

Diablo II Resurrected on Switch

Once you’ve created an account, you can browse the platform’s available Nintendo Switch games catalog. Most rental services allow you to add games to your queue or wish list, indicating the titles you want to rent.

The return process is typically straightforward when you’re done playing a rented game. Rental services provide shipping materials as well as pre-paid postage labels for easy returns. After they receive the returned game at their receiving warehouse, they will ship out the next game on your rental list. 

This automated delivery system ensures a seamless and continuous gaming experience.

Rent-to-Own Video Games

Rent-to-own video games offer a unique and attractive proposition for gamers exploring titles without committing to complete purchases. With this approach, players have the freedom to try out a variety of games without the pressure of immediately owning them.

The rent-to-own model functions similarly to traditional rentals, allowing users to rent games for a specified period. During the rental period, players can fully experience the game, explore its gameplay mechanics, storylines, and overall appeal. 

Minecraft on Switch

The game’s “test drive” provides valuable insights to help gamers determine if a particular title aligns with their preferences and gaming style.

Gradual Payment Towards Owning Favorite Titles

One of the key differentiators of the rent-to-own system is the option to own the games that players fall in love with eventually. Unlike standard rentals, where the game must be returned after the rental period, rent-to-own services enable gamers to convert their rental fees into a payment towards the purchase of the game.

For gamers who discover a title they simply can’t get enough of, the rent-to-own option offers a seamless transition from renting to owning. Players can make owning their favorite titles more financially manageable by paying off the game in installments.

Benefits and Considerations of Rent-to-Own Video Games

Rent-to-own video games come with several benefits, making them an attractive option for budget-conscious gamers:

Flexibility in Ownership

With the rent-to-own model, gamers can decide whether to own a title permanently or simply experience it briefly. It provides freedom in choosing which games become part of their permanent collection.

Nintendo Switch and console

Budget-Friendly Approach

Rent-to-own services often provide different payment plans, allowing gamers to spread out the cost of owning a game over time. It can be particularly appealing for players on a limited budget.

Access to the Latest Titles

Rent-to-own services constantly refresh their library of available titles, ensuring gamers have access to a diverse catalog of both new and old releases.

No Late Fees

Unlike traditional rentals, where late returns may result in additional charges, rent-to-own services do not typically impose late fees. It eliminates the pressure of returning games within a specific timeframe.

While rent-to-own video games offer several advantages, there are some considerations to keep in mind:

playing Super Mario
  1. Total Cost: While rent-to-own plans provide flexibility in payment, the total cost of ownership may be higher than purchasing a game outright, especially if the game is frequently rented before being fully paid off.
  2. Commitment Period: Rent-to-own services may require a minimum rental commitment before the option to purchase becomes available. Gamers should assess if the commitment period aligns with their gaming preferences.
  3. Ownership Timing: Depending on the payment schedule, it may take some time before players officially own the game. It may impact the timing of owning titles if immediate ownership is desired.

Despite these considerations, rent-to-own video games remain famous for gamers seeking a middle ground between renting and owning titles. 

The flexibility and gradual payment options make rent-to-own an enticing prospect for expanding their gaming library without immediate, full-priced purchases.

Alternatives to Renting Nintendo Switch Games

Game Swapping with Friends

Game swapping with friends or acquaintances who have their own Nintendo Switch consoles can be a fun and cost-effective alternative to renting. This informal game-sharing arrangement allows players to experience titles that their friends own and vice versa.

switch connected to PC

Game swapping typically involves lending games to friends and borrowing titles from them. It enables players to dabble in new games without committing to a complete purchase and allows them to share gaming experiences with friends.

Purchasing Pre-Owned Games

Purchasing pre-owned Nintendo Switch games from online marketplaces or big retailers offers another alternative to renting. Many gamers sell their completed games, allowing others to save big compared to splurging on new copies.

The market for pre-owned games is vibrant, with a wide range of titles available at discounted prices. Buying pre-owned games saves money, empowers local stores and businesses, and promotes a more sustainable approach by promoting reuse.

When purchasing pre-owned games, it’s essential to ensure product quality. Inspecting the game disc or cartridge for scratches or damage and verifying that the game case includes all necessary inserts and manuals will help ensure a satisfying gaming experience.

Borrowing Games from Online Forums

Engaging with fellow gamers in forums or groups on social media may allow you to get borrow and try new Nintendo Switch games. Borrowing games from the gaming community allows players to try out various titles before finally choosing which ones are worth purchasing or adding to their collection.

Nintendo Switch console

Online forums and gaming groups often have sections dedicated to game-sharing and borrowing arrangements. Participating in these communities offers opportunities to explore new games and fosters connections with other players who share similar gaming interests.

Establishing clear guidelines and expectations is essential when borrowing games from others. Agreeing on the duration of the borrowing period, ensuring timely returns, and respecting the owner’s property are crucial aspects of maintaining positive borrowing relationships within the gaming community.

Tips to Save Money on Rentals Nintendo Switch Titles

Utilizing Promotions and Discounts from Rental Services

Rental services run promotions and sales and some may even share coupon codes that can be applied toward game rentals. Watching out for such deals can significantly reduce rental costs, allowing players to enjoy their desired games at discounted rates.

Some rental platforms may also offer loyalty programs or rewards for frequent rentals, providing additional incentives for gamers to save on future rentals.

Opting for Slightly Older or Less Popular Titles to Save on Rental Fees

Newer Nintendo Switch games are often priced higher in rental fees due to high demand and hype around release dates. Players can rent games at lower rates by opting for slightly older or less popular titles while enjoying a wide range of gaming experiences.

GTA on Switch

Many older titles continue to offer fantastic gameplay and storytelling, making them equally enjoyable for players seeking new adventures.

Maximizing Rental Periods for Extended Gaming Time

Renting a game for a longer duration can give players more gaming time to experience and fully immerse themselves in the title. Players can make the most of their rented games by planning and dedicating ample time to gaming during the rental period.

Understanding the rental period’s duration and considering one’s availability to play can help ensure that players get the most value from their rented games.

Is it Possible to Rent Digital Games for Nintendo Switch?

No Official Game Rental Service from Nintendo

Unlike other gaming platforms, Nintendo does not have an official game rental service for digital titles on the Nintendo Switch. It means there isn’t a direct way to rent digital games through the Nintendo eShop.

playing GTA

Limited Third-Party Options for Renting Digital Titles

While direct digital game rentals are limited on the Nintendo Switch, some third-party options are available. However, they may be less prevalent compared to traditional physical game rentals.

Third-party rental services may allow users to rent digital codes or access specific games for a limited time. However, the availability of such services can vary, and not all games may be eligible for digital rental.

Alternative Ways to Save Money on Playing New Titles on the Nintendo Switch

While direct digital game rentals are less common, alternative methods are available for saving money on playing new titles on the Nintendo Switch. These methods include:

Sales and Discounts

Watch for promotions and discounts on the Nintendo eShop or through various retailers. During special events, sales can offer significant savings on popular titles.

Nintendo Switch Online Subscription

Subscribing to Nintendo Switch Online provides access to an updated selection of NES and SNES games along with multiplayer [1] features. While these titles are not the latest releases, they offer a cost-effective way to enjoy various games.

Nintendo Switch games

Digital Game Bundles

Some digital game bundles on the Nintendo eShop offer multiple titles at a discounted price compared to purchasing each game individually.

Gifting and Sharing

Some digital games on the Nintendo Switch can be purchased as gifts for friends or shared among family members who use the same console. This sharing feature allows players to experience each other’s games temporarily.

While direct digital game rentals may not be widely available for the Nintendo Switch, exploring these alternative methods can still provide methods to save on playing new titles and expand your gaming library.


Like most Nintendo Switch fans, the quest to discover whether renting Nintendo Switch games is possible has led to valuable insights into the world of game rentals for this beloved hybrid console.

Renting Nintendo Switch games offers an affordable and flexible gaming experience, allowing players to explore an extensive range of titles without shelling out money for complete purchases from subscription-based services like GameFly to alternatives like Redbox and video game stores in your area.

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