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Bandai Namco Issues Warning to Players Accessing Tekken 8 Cracked Test

Tekken fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of Tekken 8 since its original announcement in 2022. A Closed Network Test (CNT) was recently launched on various platforms in July to offer players a taste of what’s to come. 

However, the excitement has been dampened by some gamers who, through unauthorized means, have cracked the CNT to gain access to the game in unintended ways.

In response to this breach, Bandai Namco, the developer of Tekken 8, has issued a warning to players, urging them to refrain from playing the cracked CNT. Those caught engaging in such activities may face serious consequences. 

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Players using the cracked CNT have discovered that not only can they play the game offline, but they can also continue to access and play it beyond the designated test period.

Taking to Twitter, Bandai Namco explicitly stated that using cracked versions of the CNT goes against their Terms of Service and violates the Code of Conduct for the Tekken World Tour. As a result, players found engaging in unauthorized access to the CNT may be banned from participating in the upcoming Tekken World Tour and other official tournaments. 

The company’s decision to emphasize this penalty is primarily due to the advantage such players gain in terms of practice, potentially impacting the fairness of future competitive events.

Furthermore, the cracked CNT has leaked information regarding Tekken 8’s character roster. Although Bandai Namco officially announced 16 playable fighters, the leak has revealed a more extensive list of characters, further fueling the excitement and curiosity of Tekken enthusiasts.

Tekken 8 gameplay

While this situation has stirred up some controversy in the gaming community, it’s worth noting that the fighting game genre has been experiencing a golden era. Earlier this year, Street Fighter 6 was launched to critical acclaim, and fans eagerly await the release of Mortal Kombat 1 on September 19. 

As for Tekken 8’s official release date, Bandai Namco [1] has not yet disclosed any specific details.

In light of these developments, Bandai Namco encourages patience and respect for their terms and conditions among Tekken fans. They hope that players will wait for the official release of Tekken 8 and refrain from using unauthorized methods to access the game. 

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