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Phantasy Star Universe PC Private Server

If you want to relive the past of Phantasy Star Online, you’re in for a treat! Launched formally in 2020, a Phantasy Star Universe PC private server has opened for players anywhere in the world. 

So, if you’ve been itching to play some PSU online again, our resident gamers provide everything you need to know about the private servers. Check this out!

PSU Clementine

Where to Download

You can download the PSU online client and patch download at

We suggest you check the system requirements before proceeding and see if your device can handle the game. Also, ensure your installation path is similar to your current PSUC installation directory. 

How to Download

  1. Download the PSU online client and install it on your PC.
  2. On the Games Launcher, create your PSU account.
  3. Then, start the game by clicking the “Play” option and logging in with your credentials. Enjoy!
Download the PSU online client

You can edit the controls and the game’s resolution. Before you click the “Play” button, explore the game settings first.  

If you’re on the look for an offline client, you’ll need to search on Google because the current PSUC launcher is not compatible with it anymore.

Discord and Other Communities for Clementine

You can also join their Discord group, where you can encounter new players along with a support community. 

Once you join the Clem Discord server, feel free to ask the community if there is anything you still don’t understand.

Clementine Wiki

We also recommend checking out Clementine’s Wiki page for all information pertaining to the private server, including the most recent changes.

PSU Clementine Wiki


This private server also hosts events depending on the occasion, like Casino Halloween Events and more. 

Server Tips

PSU Clementine Offline

Phantasy Universe Star and Phantasy Star Universe: Ambition of Illuminous are two PSU games you can play offline. However, you need a patch [1] for that to work. You can download the patch from the PSUC website. 


What is the player count for PSU Clementine?

There’s yet to be a definite player count for PSU Clementine right now, as so many players are jumping into the game servers. If you want to know the actual player count as you play, check the character status info window. 


You can now play on a Phantasy Star Universe private server for a different kind of game and experience. No need to worry about the server status as the developers ensure that the private server works almost identically to the official servers. Enjoy!

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