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SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Private Server

Did you miss the SD Gundam actions and adventure? We all do! Luckily, there are now SD Gundam Capsule Fighter private servers, in addition to the official servers. Look’s promising, right? 

If you’re excited to jump into the private server, our resident gamers prepared this brief about the game, so check this out! 

SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online

This latest entry in the SD Gundam series, SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online, features various mobile suits from the various Gundam models. You can acquire them through rental, drawing from capsules, or mixing components. 

Also, you can customize mobile suits and rooms with stickers and paints. Aside from these, you can additionally install special skills to help the characters in battles.

As the game returns, it features various types of multiplayer activities, including co-op missions and competitive multiplayer matches. 

SD Gundam Capsule Fighter gameplay

There are also over 50 maps that you can explore and participate in. Four players can team up in the co-op missions to take on challenges. 

On the other hand, in competitive matches, up to 12 players can participate. So, you and your friends can play together on a private server. What are the key features? 


The SD Gundam game is now more action-packed as it returns to your TV and computer screens. 

You can now play on an SD Gundam Capsule Fighter private server if you’re looking for a more customized and personalized game. There are many exciting features and updates to watch out for! 

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