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Fixed: Old School RuneScape (OSRS) “Unable to Connect: Login Server Offline”

It’s frustrating logging into your account when you encounter the same server error on Old School RuneScape. So if you’re one of those players complaining about the server error “Unable To Connect: Login Server Offline” on OSRS, we have the solutions for you! 

Our resident gamers and programmers have tried and tested various ways to address this problem. Check out the effective fixes below. 

Fix #1: View Official Updates for Server Maintenance

You must check the server status first if you’re getting a server connection issue. You probably can’t connect to the server will receive no reply from the OSRS login server if the server is down or under maintenance. 

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So, make it a habit to view official updates from OSRS’ Twitter, official website, online forums, or community.

Fix #2: Try Again After a Few Hours

The issue might be due to the server traffic. So, we suggest reconnecting to the server after a couple of hours. But, make sure to refresh your PC or do a restart before opening the game again.

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Fix #3: Use Another Client

To avoid the server connection issue, you can use another client. You can do this method in different ways, such as: 

  1. Enabling the fresh start, open your other client, then log in. 
  2. Using another tab by clicking the “+” icon to open another client or run two clients simultaneously. 

Note that you’ll need to take alternative action if you want two clients, each with their own associated account. 

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The process is straightforward on Windows. First, you need only make a new shortcut and append the appropriate extension. However, this is not possible on a Mac because the OS does not support shortcuts. 

Rather, you’ll need to code a launcher app [1] to send the correct arguments to the client (which is much simpler than it sounds).


There’s no way you can’t fix the OSRS error message “Unable To Connect: Login Server Offline.” Always check for maintenance updates and retry logging in after a few hours. 

If that does not work, then using another client is your last resort. And if you’re still unable to connect to the server, reach out to OSRS’ technical support for further assistance. 

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