Fixed: Wildstar “Client Version Doesn’t Match Server Version” Error

The error message “Client version doesn’t match server error” on Wildstar can be intimidating as it blocks access to most parts of the game. However, it’s not a problem that’s not irreparable. 

There are different reasons why this issue occurs, and it can be fixed in less than 5 minutes. Find out all the troubleshooting methods you can do in this guide! 

Check For Ongoing Maintenance

The first thing to do when you cannot connect to the game server is to check if there is ongoing maintenance. You can check on the official Wildstar website or social media platforms.

If there is any scheduled maintenance, they will communicate it there. During the maintenance period, you may not access the game. However, once over, the server will be back up, and you will be able to connect again.

Fix #1: Flush DNS

Another way to resolve this issue is to flush DNS. If you do not know how to do it, here is how:

cmd prompt flush DNS
  1. Press the window button on your keyboard. 
  2. A search box will appear and type “cmd.” 
  3. Open the Cmd application.
  4. Once the application appears, type in ipconfig/flushdns in the command interface.
  5. Press Enter.
  6. This will successfully flush your DNS cache.

Fix #2: Tether Off Your Phone

Another reason you may experience this problem is if there is an issue with your ISP account. All you have to do to resolve this issue is to login into your ISP account page, then turn off your internet cache. 

After this, reboot your router. This should resolve the issue, and you should be able to access the game server.

Fix #3: Use a VPN

A Virtual Proxy Network will come in handy if you are outside the accredited geo-locations. Without a VPN [1], you may not access the game server. There are several effective VPNs that you can leverage for this purpose.

use VPN


As explained in this guide, the Wildstar “Client version doesn’t match server” error message can either be due to maintenance or the stability of your connection. Before you do any of the fixes, always check Wildstar’s official Twitter account or their website for updates.

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