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Fixed: Old School RuneScape (OSRS) “No Reply From Login Server”

If you’re a regular Runescape player, you may have likely encountered the “No reply from login server” on OSRS. This error can thwart all your efforts to access the game server to enjoy your adventure, which can be frustrating. 

To share what worked for our gamers, here are all the tips to help you scale through and resolve this issue.

Fix #1: Check Official Server for Downtime or Maintenance

Before you panic, the first thing you need to do is check the official Runescape website to check for downtime or maintenance.

If the system is experiencing downtime because of a busy hour, you may be unable to connect to the OSRS login server. Also, if the server is undergoing scheduled maintenance, you may be unable to access the server.

OSRS official site

To verify what is going on, check the social media channels of Runescape and their official website. If the server is experiencing downtime or undergoing maintenance, it will communicate via these channels.

Fix #2: Retry Again After a Few Hours

Most scheduled maintenance should be over in a max of 2 hours. However, on very rare occasions, it would exceed this time. Therefore, you must be patient and retry logging into the server at least 2 hours after the communicated time.

If you still cannot log into the server after 2 hours, you can wait some more hours. Note, if you are waiting to retry logging into the server after some hours, you must have confirmed that the server is down or on maintenance. Otherwise, your wait might be in vain.


The OSRS “no reply from login server” message is likely to appear when the server is down or undergoing maintenance. No worries at all, as this is to your benefit [1]

To be sure, check the official Runescape social media channels and website to confirm, then wait a few hours to retry logging into the server.

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