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How to Start Over on No Man’s Sky

After taking a break from a game like No Man’s Sky for a few months, you may find that starting over as the best option. If you don’t, you won’t be able to understand the game in time. 

And because you’re starting over, you’ll have a whole new appreciation for the journey this time around. However, many people have trouble deleting their old save files before starting a new game. 

If you’re stuck trying to figure out how to reset your game in No Man’s Sky, you should follow the steps provided in this guide!

How to Start Over in the Game

To restart No Man’s Sky, you must first delete the cloud save and then manually delete the local save from your computer. That should remove the saved file from both the cloud and your PC, and you’ll be able to create a new save from scratch. 

To restart No Man’s Sky, simply follow these steps.

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All you have to do is remove the cloud save [1] file before removing the local save file. Otherwise, you won’t be able to restart the game, and your progress will resume where you left off the last time. Keep that in mind as you attempt to delete the local save file.

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